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Welcome to the latest newsletter from the Office of Experiential Education at Saint Joseph College School of Pharmacy.  Soon after you receive this, our students will begin their second IPPE rotation. The first IPPE rotation was extremely successful due to you, the preceptors, great involvement. I routinely heard from students how great their preceptors were and how much time was spent with them. Thank you!


As the second IPPE rotation begins, a reminder that you will be seeing different students so they will require some sort of orientation. However, they have completed 40 hours of internship in their first IPPE rotation so they are not "rookies".  In their classroom work, they have completed HIPPA training and blood borne pathogen training. Also they have completed classes in pharmacy calculations, ethics, communication, compounding and sterile procedure, as well as medicinal chemistry and medical biochemistry, pharmaceutics, medical biostatistics, and pharmacy administration. As our program is accelerated, the students have already amassed 21 credits (5 days per week, 6 hours a day block schedule and just 3 weeks off since August).


Again, thank you for your support. If you know of other pharmacists that would like to be preceptors, please give them my contact information. I would be happy to discuss the appointment with them. We are also always looking for new sites for our students so that they can experience all that pharmacy has to offer (yes...everything).  That is what the IPPE rotations are all about.


John Parisi RPh,


Saint Joseph College School of Pharmacy 

Office of Experiential Education 

Students form Student APhA (APhA-ASP)


54 students signed up to be members of a new SAPhA Chapter. Several officers will be attending the Annual Meeting in New Orleans from March 9-12. The Dean, the officers and faculty advisor Dr. Annette Hood will receive the Charter on stage during the APhA-ASP House of Delegates on Sunday, March 11th. The Chapter has its first community outreach event scheduled for February 2 at the Atria Greenridge Place, a senior assisted living facility in Rocky Hill. Nine students will be doing a blood pressure screening and discussing "Healthy Heart" issues such as low cholesterol and low sodium diets, smoking cessation, and exercise.  


Officers of the Chapter are:

President: Kristen Storer

Vice President: Danielle Galotti

President-elect: Amanda Cramer

Membership Vice President: Brittany Langdon

Secretary: Ashley Riendeau

Treasurer: Daniel Oh

Historian/Publicist: Shrina Patel 


February 2012




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Save your spot in the February and March Preceptor Live CE webinars


If you haven't already completed these courses, register now for the February and March Preceptor Development Live CE webinars. They are brought to you by the PL Preceptor Training & Resource Network and are open to all pharmacists at no charge.




"Preventing and Managing Difficult Learning Situations"

on Monday, February 13th, at 12PM Eastern/11AM Central/10AM Mountain/9AM Pacific


REGISTER NOW:  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/121440865


CE CREDIT: 1 hour Preceptor Live CE credit (Please note this is an encore presentation of a course with an initial release date in January 2011. You can only receive CE credit for this program once.)


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Difficult learning situations in clinical teaching may arise from academic dishonesty, attitude issues, communication mishaps with patients, conflict over grades or final evaluation, and many other causes. Although these types of situations occur infrequently, it is important for preceptors to be prepared in the event they do occur. Preceptors can benefit from a clearly outlined strategy for detecting problems, managing issues early, and preventing a negative outcome from an existing conflict. This course reviews steps for preventing and managing difficult learning situations and provides practical tips for providing feedback and managing conflict in a difficult situation.




"Literature Evaluation in Clinical Practice"

on Friday, March 16th, at 12PM Eastern/11AM Central/10AM Mountain/9AM Pacific


REGISTER NOW:  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/431206569


CE CREDIT: 1 hour Preceptor Live CE credit (Please note this is an encore presentation of a course with an initial release date in February 2011. You can only receive CE credit for this program once.)


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Literature evaluation and interpretation can be a challenge for busy clinicians and preceptors. Incorporating this concept into your rotation can enhance clinical teaching and provide students and residents with important clinical skills. This program reviews basics for literature evaluation, including study analysis, calculation of number needed to treat and relative risk reduction, and practical steps for selecting and using guidelines in clinical practice.




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This month's highlighted course is: 


"Precepting a Drug Information Experience" (1 hour) (Self-Study Course #100221)


The goal of this activity is to prepare pharmacists to effectively precept advanced practice pharmacy experience (APPE) students completing a drug information experience. Upon completion of this course, you'll be able to:


1. Explain to students the role of drug information skills in multiple practice settings.


2. List the settings in which a drug information experience might be implemented.


3. Describe supplemental learning activities for the drug information experience.


4. List student goals and objectives for a drug information experience.


5. Effectively assess student achievement of drug information experience objectives.


6. Describe methods of motivating students.


7. List problem areas for students when handling drug information inquiries.


8. Outline a plan for student orientation, including topics of discussion.


9. State two purposes of journal club and outline a plan for an effective journal club.



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Get expert interpretation of recent studies from Pharmacist's Letter Journal Club



PL Journal Club is a library of case-based, interdisciplinary reviews of current pharmacy and medical literature for dynamic journal club discussions in the classroom or on rotations. The presentations cover therapeutic teaching points and basic statistical concepts for the practicing pharmacist. Faculty can download the Instructor Key with questions and answers to help you easily guide the discussion, and students can get the Student Handout (questions only) to complete prior to the discussion.


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Topic #1: Preventing bleeding due to anticoagulants in elderly patients...Covers leading causes of adverse drug events in elderly patients leading to ED visits and hospitalization, estimating national event rates from survey data, and discussion of the age old question, "to refill or not to refill?"


Topic #2: The best time of day to take BP meds...Covers the comparison of morning and nighttime dosing for cardiovascular outcomes, Kaplan-Meier curves, and treating resistant hypertension.



Access practical, case-based tools for teaching first- or second-year students from Pharmacy 101



Pharmacy 101 is a library of case-based teaching tools, presenting practical, real-world situations with helpful teaching points. Geared towards early experience students, topics cover common pharmacy practice issues and basic therapeutic concepts.


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Med Administration:  Timing is Everything...Covers reasons why certain medications must be given at a certain time. Explains why medications might need to be taken with food, on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, at bedtime, or at other specific times, and gives examples of each. Uses a Fosamax prescription to illustrate processing a prescription that must be taken at a specific time, including computer entry, auxiliary labels, and counseling points. Includes a discussion of medication timing considerations in the hospital setting. A chart of common medications that must be taken at specific times of day is included.



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----- Contact information, materials, and specific requirements for individual colleges/schools of pharmacy



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