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The Fall IPPE rotations were completed by all the students at various institutions and community pharmacies across the state. Thank you to all the preceptors and staff who took the time to help our students begin their journey. If you did not have the pleasure of hosting one of our students, the next IPPE rotation begins at the end of February and a month long IPPE rotation begins April 30th.
   MiNa Kim Dr. Jennifer Tan  
 Portion of the Class of 2014 in Pharmacy Lab 

December 2011




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Registration is open for Preceptor Live CE webinars in 2012



Save your spot in the next three Preceptor Development Live CE webinars, brought to you by the PL Preceptor Training & Resource Network and open to all pharmacists at no charge.




"Integrating Students and Residents into Your Pharmacy Practice"

on Thursday, January 5th, at 12PM Eastern/11AM Central/10AM Mountain/9AM Pacific


REGISTER NOW:  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/250352376


CE CREDIT: 1 hour Preceptor Live CE credit (Please note this is an encore presentation of a course with an initial release date in December 2010. You can only receive CE credit for this program once.)


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Student and resident participation in patient care services is an essential part of clinical teaching. Active participation can enable students to see all the practical aspects of providing patient care in a real-world pharmacy environment, including the development, financial, business, and marketing aspects. This also allows students to acquire skills and knowledge that they can apply to their own practice in the future. Incorporating learners into pharmacy practice can also provide benefits to the practice site if the student's activities increase or improve the patient care opportunities provided.




"Preventing and Managing Difficult Learning Situations"

on Monday, February 13th, at 12PM Eastern/11AM Central/10AM Mountain/9AM Pacific


REGISTER NOW:  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/121440865


CE CREDIT: 1 hour Preceptor Live CE credit (Please note this is an encore presentation of a course with an initial release date in January 2011. You can only receive CE credit for this program once.)


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Difficult learning situations in clinical teaching may arise from academic dishonesty, attitude issues, communication mishaps with patients, conflict over grades or final evaluation, and many other causes. Although these types of situations occur infrequently, it is important for preceptors to be prepared in the event they do occur. Preceptors can benefit from a clearly outlined strategy for detecting problems, managing issues early, and preventing a negative outcome from an existing conflict. This course reviews steps for preventing and managing difficult learning situations and provides practical tips for providing feedback and managing conflict in a difficult situation.




"Literature Evaluation in Clinical Practice"

on Friday, March 16th, at 12PM Eastern/11AM Central/10AM Mountain/9AM Pacific


REGISTER NOW:  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/431206569


CE CREDIT: 1 hour Preceptor Live CE credit (Please note this is an encore presentation of a course with an initial release date in February 2011. You can only receive CE credit for this program once.)


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Literature evaluation and interpretation can be a challenge for busy clinicians and preceptors. Incorporating this concept into your rotation can enhance clinical teaching and provide students and residents with important clinical skills. This program reviews basics for literature evaluation, including study analysis, calculation of number needed to treat and relative risk reduction, and practical steps for selecting and using guidelines in clinical practice.




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Take home-study Preceptor CE courses



If you missed last month's Live CE webinar on "Delivering Effective Feedback," the recorded, home-study webinar is available on the PL Preceptor Training & Resources Network.


Plus, you can take these home-study CE courses and get even more practical tips and strategies on evaluating your students and giving them helpful feedback:


"Evaluating Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences Using a Standardized Assessment Tool:

Ensuring Effective Evaluation and Feedback" (1 hr) (Self-Study Course #110207)




"Evaluating Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences Using a Standardized Assessment Tool:

Student Motivation and Professionalism" (1 hr) (Self-Study Course #110213)


You can get up to 18 hours of home-study CE from the PL Preceptor Training & Resource Network. Log in now to access all of the home-study Preceptor Training & Development CE.






Get expert interpretation of recent studies from Pharmacist's Letter Journal Club



PL Journal Club is a library of case-based, interdisciplinary reviews of current pharmacy and medical literature for dynamic journal club discussions in the classroom or on rotations. The presentations cover therapeutic teaching points and basic statistical concepts for the practicing pharmacist. Faculty can download the Instructor Key with questions and answers to help you easily guide the discussion, and students can get the Student Handout (questions only) to complete prior to the discussion.


Log in now to get the Instructor Key (Leader Notes) for this month's PL Journal Club topics. You can also download the Student Handout (Participant Notes) to give to your students.




Topic #1: Vitamin E INCREASES the risk of prostate cancer...Covers a large randomized controlled trial of vitamin E supplementation, risk factors and prevention of prostate cancer, and role of PSA testing.


Topic #2: More patients on atypical antipsychotics...Covers meta-analysis of atypical antipsychotics off-label use, evaluation of adverse events associated with these agents, and specific indications where these agents show efficacy.




Access practical, case-based tools for teaching first- or second-year students from Pharmacy 101



Pharmacy 101 is a library of case-based teaching tools, presenting practical, real-world situations with helpful teaching points. Geared towards early experience students, topics cover common pharmacy practice issues and basic therapeutic concepts.


Log in now to get the Preceptor Key for the latest Pharmacy 101 topics. You can also download the Student Case to give to your students.




Recent topics are:


Safe Use of Acetaminophen...Covers accidental acetaminophen overdose. Explains how acetaminophen can damage the liver. Reviews maximum dose and changes coming to acetaminophen products in the U.S. Uses a sample Percocet prescription to demonstrate how a patient could accidentally overdose on acetaminophen. Gives tips for preventing acetaminophen toxicity including use of auxiliary labels, screening for multiple acetaminophen sources, and patient counseling. A patient handout on poisoning prevention is offered.


Hard to Swallow: Strategies for Improving Taste of Meds...Covers bad-tasting/smelling medicines and flavorings. A prescription for Biaxin is used to illustrate alternatives to flavorings for improving the palatability of medicines. Reviews considerations in choosing a flavoring, entering the medication to be flavored into the computer, and preparation of meds with flavorings.




Create or update your profile in the National Preceptor Database



Please take a moment now to update or create your Preceptor Profile in the National Preceptor Database. You'll help your college/school to better serve your needs and place students with you.




The National Preceptor Database is the only resource of its kind, providing preceptors:


----- A home to document your CE training and specialties, and to build your teaching portfolio

----- Assurance that your completed training will be reported to the colleges/schools of your choice

----- A way for colleges/schools to contact you with preceptor opportunities

----- Contact information, materials, and specific requirements for individual colleges/schools of pharmacy




Help your students stay up to date with their Pharmacist's Letter gift subscription



The students you're precepting have access to Pharmacist's Letter through a special gift subscription that has been provided for them. Help them take advantage of all the Pharmacist's Letter resources online -- and help yourself, by having students who are more up to date and aware of current practice issues.


Tell your students they can get their student gift subscription at www.StudentPharmacists.com.


If you'd like an email you can forward to, or print out for, your students on how to get their Pharmacist's Letter gift subscription, please email us at preceptor@pletter.com (mailto:preceptor@pletter.com), or you can pass along these directions:


----- Students who have not yet activated their Pharmacist's Letter gift subscription can do so at:




----- Students who have already activated their gift subscription can log in here:






Discuss issues and get advice from your colleagues in Preceptors Interact



Preceptors Interact is an online forum where you can discuss teaching issues and get advice and feedback from other preceptors.


Need help developing challenging project ideas for your student? Have a great strategy for assessing patient counseling skills? Post your teaching questions on Preceptors Interact to get feedback and information from other pharmacy preceptors...or provide an answer or two to help out your colleagues.


Go to Preceptors Interact to join in the discussions or start a discussion of your own.








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