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"Katia's Korner" - Pasta with Eggplant Puree

Week of Aug 21st 2011 

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Pasta w/ Eggplant Puree
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Bari Organic Olive Oil
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"Lil Bit" $10
ANY 4 Units
Small Box $18
ANY 8 Units

Large Box $32
ANY 16 Units
*Discount for Pre-Paid boxes
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"Katia's Korner"
 Eggplant Puree
This week Katia made

Pasta with Eggplant Puree

 with KMK Organic Farms Eggplant! Find the full recipe along with pictures at The Farmer's Daughter CSA Blog!

What is a CSA and how does The Farmer's Daughter CSA differ?

C.S.A stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

A CSA is solely dependent on those within the community, making your word of mouth our biggest marketing tool. Traditionally, a CSA is a quarterly, or even yearly, subscription of weekly delivered produce and your boxes are predetermined, "you get, what you get."

The Farmer's Daughter CSA doesn't expect you to eat a box full of unknown fruits and vegetables, instead, The Farmer's Daughter CSA allows you to choose which in season, organic fruit and or vegetable you would like to enjoy.

 There are no quarterly or yearly commitments,  your commitment is weekly. If you would like a box that week email me your order and you pay for your order when you pick it up.  Although "pre-paid" orders are helpful and encouraged, they are not required.

48 hours is needed from your order day to your pick up day.

Produce List 


Boxes are picked up

  •  Wednesday evenings (2-6pm) and Saturday mornings (7-Noon) at the Blackstone & Shaw at the Fresno farmers market.


  • Thursday evenings (5-8pm) Main st in Downtown Visalia Farmer's Market.


  • Thursday evenings (6-8 pm) at Twee Boutique in the Tower District in Fresno


  • Saturday mornings(7-Noon) at the Sears parking lot on Mooney at the Visalia Farmer's Market


  • At KMK Farms (Stroud/Bethel in Kingsburg)
    • 114 93 East Stroud Ave
    •  where you are more than welcome to look around and see how your produce is grown.

  Pay with cash or check when you pick up your box.

Pay Pal orders can be sent to as well.

 Simply reply to this email and fill out the order form below before clicking send to place your order.


 Please Note: We have NEW pricing options!!



The Farmer's Daughter CSA
Pick up Location/Date:
Lil Bit Box $10 Pick ANY 4 Units
Small Box $18 Pick ANY 8 Units
Large Box $32 Pick ANY 16 Units
*Small Box Pre-Paid 5 boxes $80
*Large Box Pre Paid 5 Boxes $150
Bulk/Restaurant Orders available upon request
Bari Organic Traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil:
1 Gallon $48
500 ml $12
250 ml $8
Fruit $1.50/lb New! (Any Weight)
Tomatoes (canning/sauce making) 20 lbs $25 New!
1/2 lb. Composting Worms $15
Free Range Chicken Eggs $5/Dozen
Organic ProduceUnit QuantityYour Order
Arugula New!!2 Bunches 
Basil/Italian 1 Bunch 
Basil/Lemon 2 Bunches 
Basil/Purple 2 Bunches 
Basil/Thai 2 Bunches 
Carrots 1 lb.  
Catnip 2 Bunches 
Chocolate Mint 2 Bunches 
Cucumbers/Mediterranean 1 lb.  
Dandelion Greens 2 Bunches 
Eggplant/American New!2 lbs 
Eggplant/Italian New!2 lbs 
Eggplant/Japanese New!2 lbs 
Epazote 2 Bunches 
Garlic5 Heads 
Lambs Quarter 2 Bunches 
Mint2 Bunches 
Parsely/Italian 2 Bunches 
Peppers/Bellpeppers 3 
Peppers/Italian Stir Fry (sweet) 1 lb.  
Peppers/Santa Fe (hot)2 Pints 
Peppers/Serranos (hot) 2 Pints 
Potatoes/Yukon Gold 2 lbs 
Red Onions3 
Summer Squash/ Yellow Crk Neck 1 lb.  
Summer Squash/ Zucchini 1 lb.  
Summer Squash/Patty Pan 1 lb.  
Swiss Chard 2 Bunches 
Tomatoes/Heirloom New!2 lbs 
Tomatoes/Kingsburg Gold 1 Pint 
Tomatoes/Red 2 lbs 
Tomatoes/Red Cherry New!1 Pint 
Tomatoes/Yellow New!2 lbs 
Tomatoes/Yellow Pear New!1 Pint 
White Onions 5 
Winter Squash/Butternut New!1 
Winter Squash/Spaghetti New!1 
Seasonal Fruit Mix 3 lbs 
Bay Leaves12 
Chives 2 bunches 
Dill2 Bunches 
Dried Chamomile New!4 oz. 
Dried Marjoram 2 oz.  
Dried Mint New!2 oz. 
Dried Oregano 2 oz. 
Dried Purple Basil New!2 oz.  
Dried Rosemary2 oz. 
Dried Thai Basil New!2 oz.  
Dried Thyme2 oz. 
Garlic Chives 2 Bunches 
Marjoram2 Bunches 
Oregano2 Bunches 
Rosemary2 Bunches 
Sorrel2 Bunches 
Tarragon2 Bunches 
Thyme2 Bunches 
Add On's  
Eggs1 Dozen 
Olive Oil3 Sizes 
Composting Worms1/2 lb. 
Tomatoes 20 lbs. 





Bari Olive Oil Add-On's 

Bari Olive OilThe Farmer's Daughter CSA has teamed up with Bari Olive Oil to provide you with their Organic Traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil as an add on. We carry 3 different sizes.

  • 1 Gallon $48
  • 500 ml $12
  • 250 ml $8.
The Farmer's Daughter CSA made the Fresno Bee!
It's nice to see the media help spread the word more about what a CSA is and all the different CSA's there are in the Central Valley. You really are lucky to be able to choose which one fits you & your family best ... Although we all know, if your a local, The Farmer's Daughter CSA can't be beat! Read the article HERE!


My family and I would like to thank you for your support!    We cherish the grower/consumer relationship we have with our customers and we take it seriously that you trust us with growing you and your families food.

We welcome you out to our farm anytime!



 Kristi Bravo 

The Farmer's Daughter CSA