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Starting a new job? 
Ran a marathon? 
Getting married? 

We will include these updates in future editions of QUESTPress.

Dear QUEST community,

Universities and colleges across the nation are developing and
adopting learning outcomes, which describe the knowledge and skills that students should have when they complete a course or a program. For instance, the University of Maryland's new General Education program has learning outcomes in every area, including the following: 

"On completion of an Oral Communication course, students will be able to use effective presentation techniques including presentation graphics."

(Link to Learning Outcomes) 

The QUEST program has been working since 2009 to specify our learning outcomes.  The current draft includes quality management tools,
process improvement methodologies, and system modeling; project management tools and techniques; quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques; working on multidisciplinary teams; and communicating effectively.

This year the QUEST Curriculum Review Committee will be developing
direct methods for assessing how well QUEST students are learning these topics. These assessments don't determine student grades, although they may evaluate the same items (reports and presentations, for instance).  This information will help us enhance the QUEST courses and activities so that students can more effectively learn important skills that will lead to their future success. 
We are excited to use these assessments to benefit our community and will look forward to sharing updates with you along the way, 
Dr. Jeffrey W. Herrmann 
Associate Director
Studying Abroad 

Article by Jacob Wilkowsky (Q19)


Syllabus week is behind us, textbooks are finally purchased, and classes are starting to speed up. As life at College Park once again becomes the norm, you may notice the absence of some of your usual classmates. Maybe they switched majors? Did they drop out and join a start-up? Either of these situations could be the case. But you won't see me around campus this semester, because like many others, I am studying abroad...Read More

Student Spotlight: Recruiting Team Special Edition

Article by Danny Laurence (Q19)


Editor's Note: Similar to the special edition of QSO, we will be highlighting members of QUEST's Recruiting Team in upcoming Student Spotlights. In this issue, we highlight Q19's Danny Laurence (left in photo below).


When Sophia asked me to write an article about myself because of my overwhelming popularity in the QUEST program, I was honored but I had to decline. Letting out the secret of my success would ruin the whole "Danny" product line. You see, it started from a humble beginning in Annandale, VA. My parents had decided to design the best product they could think of - a brand new little boy (to keep my brother company!). Then I came along. Throughout grade school, I had an interest in all things computing: Power Point presentations, Zynga, and even some programming. Computer science really has been my love and passion..Read More 

"It's Your Race, Take the Lead"

Article by Margaret Zheng (Q19)


This summer, we all watched in awe as Team USA competed in the Olympic and Paralympic games. On Thursday, September 13th at the Riggs Alumni Center, Deloitte and the U.S. Olympic Committee gave students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with three gold medalists: soccer player Abby Wambach, swimmer Cullen Jones, and Paralympic swimmer Mallory Weggemann...Read More

Alumni Corner
Editor: Tracey Epstein (Q14)  
A Note from the Editor
As the school year gets underway, it's not just the students who are excited to get back on campus and catch up with friends.  Over the past few weeks, QUEST alumni have been visiting 490 classes, bowling with QUEST, meeting and mentoring current students, and networking at a happy hour in DC.  The fun is just getting started, though!  Even if you missed these events, you can still get involved in QUEST this semester, starting with the upcoming tailgate prior to the homecoming football game on October 20th. We hope you can make it! 
Photo Caption Contest
What's going on here?! Send a caption to this photo from QUEST's recent alumni happy hour to The best caption gets you a QUEST prize! Submissions are due by 10/19 at 5pm.

Click here to see more pictures from the alumni happy hour event.
Upcoming Alumni Events

QUESTPress Editor-in-Chief: Sophia Wu (Q18)