Brunswick Small Game Stew, Survival Snow Shelter, and Book Giveaway
January 13, 2012 



Dutch oven stew
A tasty, traditional Brunswick stew can be cooked very efficiently in a Dutch oven over a campfire.
Nasty winter weather makes comfort food taste that much better. And there is nothing like a warm stew to help chase the chill away on a gloomy winter evening.
This week's recipe is an old classic: Brunswick Stew. The dish originated in the eastern United States sometime in the 1700s, and variations abound. It remains a great recipe for those times when you may have limited amounts of small game meat and need to feed several hungry people.
Click here  to read my favorite version of this recipe.

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  • Best fire ignition methods for extreme weather 
On a personal note, we're still hoping for snow here in the mountains of Central Oregon where the snowpack is less than half what it should be. Next weekend, I am helping teach a winter survival seminar for the area Boy Scouts. Based on what we have to work with right now, it is going to be really tough to make snow shelters without snow!  
Everybody have a good week and stay safe! - Leon


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Best Gear Choices for Your Car Kit
cul de sac winter shotAbout one year ago, Chicago got hit with one of the worst blizzards in the city's history. People were stranded in sub-zero temperatures, and many spent the night in their cars.
Here are some suggestions for survival items to carry in your vehicle that could help you survive a similar situation. To read the story of the blizzard and see the survival gear list, click here
"It's a Disaster" Book Giveaway
its a disaster book reviewSo the world just turned upside down, and you must react to a disaster or emergency. What next? 
The "It's a Disaster" book may help. Enter the free drawing for your copy today. To see the rules and get the contest entry information, click here. 
The Best Fire Ignition System?

In 2002, I worked on a Boy Scout project to find the most practical fire ignition method that a person with average survival skills could use.

Criteria evaluated were: ease of operation, ability to use one-handed (in the event of an injury), reliability, widespread availability, durability, practicality and ease of carry. Click here to find out the results, and for suggestions on what to carry in your firemaking kit.

Leon Wildcat campout
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