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August & September 2011  |  Volume 2  |  Issue 5     


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Children Waiting: Cory
Lace Up For Kids
PB&J Project
Improving Our Agency
On Taxes and Services
Parenting Tips
Agency Sign
Children Waiting


Cory, age 16 



 Cory is a 16 year old who is smart, well-spoken, friendly and likeable. He loves to be active whether it's fishing, playing video games or being involved in sports. Cory has shown an interest in sports, including playing football and baseball. Not only does Cory have an athletic side, he also enjoys academics.



Cory has tutored fellow students at his high school and enjoys reading; he especially loves science fiction and crime thrillers. He does not have an IEP and can do well in school when he wants to. Cory has tested as "advanced" in three areas of the Ohio Academic Achievement testing, and is very proud of this accomplishment. Cory has expressed an interest in post secondary education, possibly pursuing a degree in criminal justice or military science. Cory also talks about joining the Armed Forces and becoming a Military Police Officer.


Cory would like his family to be "active and outdoorsy", but if they aren't that is okay too. He would just want his family to allow him to play sports, come watch him participate and let him try new things. 


For more information on Cory, click here! 




An 18 and a half year old boy was recently adopted.  Our congratulations to this young man and his wonderful family.


Are you interested in making a child's adoption dreams come true? Visit our website to meet children and youth who are waiting for families. 

Community Education


Did you know that Athens County Children Services would love to come speak with your community group about how to recognize and prevent child abuse? For more information, please call (740) 592-3061 and ask to speak with either Laura Bobo or Donna Robison.

Lace Up For Kids


Thanks to Lace Up for Kids, sponsored by Athens Wendy's restaurants, Athens County Children Services, and Power 105, over 200 deserving school children began their 2011 school year with new shoes. This is the thirteenth consecutive year of the program.

We received generous donations from CATO Women's Clothing, Mathews Insurance, Athens Rotary Club, and others!

Contact Us

If you suspect abuse or neglect, please call:




(M-F, 8:00am - 4:30pm)




(After-hours, weekends, holidays)

If you would like more information on foster care and adoption, please call:




(M-F, 8:00am - 4:30pm)


PBJ Project


 Trimble, Amesville, Coolville, The Plains and Chauncey Elementary Schools are among the poorest in the state. Over 70% of our students qualify for free or reduced breakfast and lunch. During the summer months, these children lose this much-needed subsidy. The Peanut Butter and Jelly Project aims to provide 1000 children in these elementary schools with PB&J this summer.


Thanks to the following businesses and organizations for hosting donation boxes:


Athens County Children Services, Friendly Paws Pet Supplies & Grooming, Inhale Yoga Studio, Stages Early Learning Center, American Legion Post 21, Athens Public Library, Wells Public Library, Nelsonville Public Library, Alden Library, Dairy Barn Arts Center, and Stuart's Opera House.


We received generous donations from nearly 80 local businesses, organizations, and individuals. For a complete list of donors, please visit our website by clicking here! 


Improving our agency!

Athens County Children Services is working with the Council on Accreditation (COA) to improve our services. ACCS submitted our self-study to the Council on Accreditation in the spring of 2011. A team of assessors will visit our agency in September to verify and follow up on agency processes highlighted in our self-study. 


If accredited, ACCS will join 23 other children services agencies across the state of Ohio who have made the commitment to provide the best possible service to their clients and stakeholders.   

ACCS will benefit from accreditation in the following ways:

  • Improved service delivery
  • Improved internal processes and procedures
  • Improved employee morale
  • Recognition from governments, foundations and grant makers
  • Reduce hidden costs
  • The COA community/network of support

Our responsibility to taxpayers

On Thursday September 1, the Athens County Children Services Board convened for a special meeting to address the concerns of the Athens County Budget Commission regarding its budget carryover. Motions approved by the Children Services Board included a motion to establish a capital reserve account, a reduction in levy tax millage by one mill for the calendar year 2012, and a motion to approve the 2012 Children Services budget as presented reflecting a reduction of levy dollars by 1 mill and the establishment of the previously mentioned capital reserve account.


The board and agency remain focused on the safety of children in Athens County, but recognize the concerns of the budget commission. In light of this, the Athens County Children Services Board agreed to these motions to temporarily reduce millage collected from taxpayers while keeping programming and proper facility maintenance intact. The 2012 Athens County Children services budget will see funds allocated for increased services and resources for families. These services will include supports for relatives caring for children and services for parents struggling with substance abuse and addiction.


Financial troubles in 2005 led to more stringent fiscal responsibility at Athens County Children Services. By the end of 2010, Athens County Children Services saw its carryover increase to $5.1 million. Factors contributing to this unexpected increase in carryover included continued fiscal responsibility, unexpected revenue from federal stimulus funding, and a reduction in placement costs due to the hard work of staff ensuring that children transition from foster care to a permanent home environment.


Executive Director Andrea Reik said, "On behalf of this committed board of community members who unanimously approved these actions, I believe we've found a way to ensure the safety of children while being responsible to the taxpayers of this county."
Parenting: Healthy Back to School Tips!

School bus! 


To give your children the best possible launch, you need to take a look at their overall health and start now to get them physically ready to meet all the challenges of a new school year.

  • By far, the most important school health issue for most kids is getting enough sleep  --about 10 to 11 hours a night for elementary school-age children.
  • Focus on providing a protein-filled breakfast. With a little bit of fat and fiber from complex carbohydrates, your child will be ready to start the day.
  • To help your child avoid any problems, have a talk ahead of time about school bathroom rules  --taking breaks as scheduled, and raising your hand for permission to leave the room.
  • Good hand-washing habits are critical for school-age children. If your child rockets out of the bathroom without stopping at the sink, consider sending her to school with a packet of antibacterial wipes. They're not as effective as soap and water, but they may have more appeal for young children.
  • Physical education classes and after-school sports may not be enough activity for your children who are sitting at a desk all day. Plan weekly bike rides and nature walks, and your whole family will benefit!

We hope these tips will help you and your family to make a successful return to school! 



Extreme Makeover: Sign Edition

We may not have received a visit from Ty Pennington, but did have an extreme sign makeover this summer! Our old sign stood for over 20 years and saw the agency make many changes over the years (including a mission statement and logo change!). In addition to being quite far from the road, a telephone pole had been erected directly in front of the sign, further obscuring its visibility. The new sign is much more visible from the road, and will serve the agency well for at least another 20 years to come! We knew it was time for a change when the old sign crumbled as we removed it from its base.

Old sign


New sign! 

Upcoming Events

Foster Care Information Meeting TONIGHT 


September 6, 2011

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm   


Are you interested in becoming a foster parent for Athens County Children Services? The need for foster parents is URGENT! The meeting will take place in the basement of ACCS Building 14. To register, please call (740) 592-3061 today! 


Please, if you know of someone who would be interested in ACCS programs and news, forward this e-mail. Thank you again for your interest in the work that Athens County Children Services does. We appreciate your support!




Sherri Oliver
Public Relations & Community Events Coordinator
Athens County Children Services

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