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February 2010 · Volume 1 · Issue 1
Thank you for reading the inaugural edition of Insights. Athens County Children Services prides itself on finding new and innovative ways to engage our community. This electronic newsletter is one of our most recent efforts at doing just that.

We encourage you to forward this newsletter to your friends and family who may be interested in the work that Athens County Children Services does each day to support families and keep children safe.

Thank you!
Andrea Reik
Executive Director
Sherri Oliver
Insights Editor and Public Relations & Community Events Coordinator
An introduction to our agency
Andrea Reik, Executive DirectorI am excited to have this opportunity to acquaint you with Athens County Children Services (ACCS).  This agency has a rich history of community support for children and families.  The first Children's Home was built in 1881 when John Fowler collected money from citizens throughout the county to build a home for the "orphans".  The community support has continued through the years so that ACCS can provide needed services for children and families.
The law mandates that ACCS is responsible for the safety of the children in this community.  Our staff takes this responsibility very seriously and we respond 365 days a year to situations that involve the safety of a child.  There are many challenges that impact on the safety of children including domestic violence and drug impacted parents along with the struggles of poverty and mental health issues.  
However, the agency recognizes the importance of family in a child's life.  We strive to support parents in providing a safe, stable home for children.  The agency provides services in family homes and also coordinates with other agencies to get necessary supports to parents.  If parents are not able to safely provide for their children, we seek out extended family for care.
ACCS has a strong system to recruit, train and support foster and adoptive parents to care for children when family is not available.
Due to our belief in children and families, ACCS also provides many community programs and events to support families.  This includes Social Workers placed in two school districts, parent education and groups for teens.
In addition, ACCS hosts community events and programs including Kidfest, Lace Up for Kids, and the Santa Tree Project.  ACCS participates in various other community events including the Athens County Fair and Paw Paw Festival.
Please enjoy these newsletters as we highlight these various agency programs, services, and issues impacting families.
Andrea Reik, Executive Director
Andrea Reik
Executive Director
Athens County Children Services
2009: A Year in Review
Athens County Children Services saw a great deal of changes, achievements, and new challenges in 2009. As the reality of the recession and an influx of drugs impacted the county, Athens County Children Services continued in its mission to protect children and strengthen the families of Athens County.   
  • The agency received 1449 calls reporting abuse and neglect of children; of these calls, 500 cases were assigned to a caseworker for investigation.
  • At the end of 2009, there were 24 children in kinship care with a relative.
  • 18 children were reunified with their parents.  
  • ACCS debuted its brand new website in April 2009. The new site,, aims to provide an up-to-date account of what's happening at the agency.
  • There were 11 adoption finalizations, including the adoption of three siblings by one family; the adoption of three teenagers, including a youth who was nearly 17; and two adoptions by relatives.
  • Throughout the course of 2009, ACCS worked with 187 children who had remained in their homes with their families
  • Kidfest saw nearly 2500 children and families attend its 20th anniversary celebration, featuring a special appearance by Dora the Explorer.
  • With the help of Athens Rotary, nearly 30 local families received Thanksgiving dinners which were distributed by our School Social Workers at Trimble and Federal Hocking School districts.
  • Holidays gifts were provided to nearly 1200 children through the Santa Tree Project, thanks to the generosity of the Athens community.
  • The Child Advocacy Center became a private non-profit agency and moved into a location on West Union Street in Athens. ACCS and the Child Advocacy Center have been able to maintain a close working partnership on sexual abuse cases.
  • After nearly a decade of being operated by ACCS, the Nelsonville Family Center also moved to become a private non-profit agency, changing its name to the Nelsonville Community Center in an effort to expand its scope of services. ACCS and the Nelsonville Community Center continue to partner with one another on community and child abuse prevention-related projects.
We look forward to continuing our mission of protecting children, strengthening families, and securing futures in 2010.
Sherri Oliver
Sherri Oliver
Public Relations and Community Events Coordinator
Upcoming Events
February 23, 2010
Foster Care Information Meeting
6:30pm - 8:30pm 
Join us to learn more about foster care and adoption. The meeting will be held in Building 14 at Athens County Children Services. Refreshments will be provided!
March 2010
National Social Work Month
This year's Social Work Month celebration showcases the expertise and dedication of professional social workers in helping to improve community life. 
April 2010
Child Abuse Prevention Month
Child Abuse Prevention Month aims to educate families and community members on what child abuse is and how to stop it from happening.
April 5, 2010
Pinwheels for Prevention
10am - 11am 
Join Athens County Children Services as we plant 2000 pinwheels to recognize the 1500 people who stood up for an abused child in 2009.
April 24, 2010
10am - 2pm
The 21st annual Kidfest at the Ohio University Convocation Center! Proceeds raised by this event go to special needs children and their families.
Contact Information
Sherri Oliver
Editor/Public Relations and Community Events Coordinator
Athens County Children Services
Please send any feedback, questions, or comments to Sherri Oliver at

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Josh, Age 16
Josh is an inquisitive young man that enjoys activities that require him to think, such as playing chess or reading science fiction novels. He also enjoys drawing, writing, and cooking. Josh is very likeable and can be very sweet and respectful. He has a strong desire to achieve positive goals for himself and has a lot of insight into what he will need to be successful.
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This youngster is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. CJ is charming and funny and loves to play board games, Hungry Hippo, Twister, and Cranium Jr. He enjoys feeding and caring for animals and participating in Special Olympics.
Brennan, Age 9


Brennan is a very active boy who loves to be outdoors playing football and baseball. He also enjoys playing videos games on the PlayStation or the Wii. Brennan is very funny and loves to tell jokes. Although shy at first, Brennan is outgoing once he is comfortable and can be very affectionate with people he loves and trusts.