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Environmental Stewardship eMail Archives
Below are links to archived Environmental Stewardship e-Bulletins on important topics.  By reviewing these archived emails you can learn details about subjects to help you better understand the often complicated intricacies of water issues in the State of Texas. 

Envirornmental Stewardship is a Texas nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  
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  General Interest
 Groundwater Petition
  • Truth #1
  • Truth #1 The adopted Desired Future Conditions for our aquifers will cause the Colorado River to lose its base-flow by 2060.
  • Truth #2
  • GCDs were supposed to STOP PERMITTING on September 1, 2005.
    GCD's did not comply with the Texas Water Code
    Permits issued since 2005 are SUSPECT, if not VOID.
  • GMA-12 Petition - Hearing Notice
  • Environmental Stewardship Hearing March 7, Milano, TX
  • GMA-12 Petition - Update
  • Petition Appealing GMA-12 DFC accepted by TWDB
  • GMA-12 Petition - Action Alert
  • Petition Appealing GMA-12 DFC submitted to TWDB
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