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March 2012 Angus EBV Update  
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March 2012 Angus EBV's
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The March 2012 Angus EBV's have been recently released.
Genetics Australia would like to present the latest EBV's for our Angus sires currently available. With the inclusion of Pfizer 50K data, their own progeny data and updated EPD's from the USA many sires have greatly improved their EBV's right across the board.

If we can provide further information please contact Nigel Semmens.

Nigel Semmens
Office: 0260259522
Mobile: 0439417941
Email: Click to email Nigel Semmens
March 2012 Angus EBV's

Angus Australia have released the March 2012 Angus EBV's.
Many of the Genetics Australia USA Angus Sires are now starting to generate some very usable EBV's.
Our Angus sires offer a range of desirable traits such as calving ease, growth, carcase traits and high indexes.

 BULLetin Board Autumn 2012

The Genetics Australia Autumn 2012 BULLetin Board is now available to download.
This issue highlights manu of our Angus, Charolais, Simmental and Shorthorn sires currently available from Genetics Australia.

April 2012 Price List & Update

Please click the link below to download a PDF of our current Beef Price list.

Bartel E7
Ayrvale Bartel E7
Ayrvale Bartel E7 is the first Australian Angus sire to join the Genetics Australia team. No other sires can match his combination of Calving Ease, Low Birth Weight and Indexes.
E7 is currently the #4 sire in the breed for LF / CAAB Index.

SAV 707 Rito 9969 is currently sold out, we expect more product in June. His new price will be $90

Genetics Australia also has a vast range of bulls available from the following breeds:
  • Belted Galloway
  • Belgian Blue
  • Boran
  • Limousin
  • Murray Grey
  • South Devon
  • Tuli
  • Wagyu
Please contact Nigel Semmens for further information and pricing on bulls from these breeds.

Contact Genetics Australia next time you wish to discuss AI Sires, AI Programs, Merchandise or to have a bull collected at our Licensed Collection Centre.

Keep an eye on your inbox for our next Sirlon Tips, when Genetics Australia releases information on some our new Australian Beef sires soon to be available.

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