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We are proud to launch the first issue of our newsletter "GreenUp Times". Each month, we will disuss a different Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS)topic or interview an EHS expert. In addition, we will provide you updates on certain EHS topics!
Our goal is to encourage the EHS networking, share some of the  most common challenges that EHS professionals face every day, and give you the latest EHS news!
Let's start with the New Happenings at GreenUp! 
What's New at GreenUp?
Mel DeGregorio Principal Consultant
Mel DeGregorio - Principal Consultant
GreenUp Consultants is an EHS Consulting and Training Company based out of MA. 
As of August, 2010, GreenUp has been certified as a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) and a woman-owned business enterprise (WBE) by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For more information on these certifications,
GreenUp's Principal Consultant, Mel DeGregorio has been certified by RABQSA 
as a Lead Auditor for Environmental Management System (EMS) and Compliance Audits. GreenUp is offering companies ISO 14001  Gap Assessment Audits and comprehensive guidance towards obtaining ISO 14001 Certification.
Interview of the month: Mr. Phil Young, EHS Manager at a leading manufacturing facility in MA 
MD: Can you briefly talk about your EHS experience?
PY: I have been involved with EHS for the past 20+ years. I started in the world of Human Resources and over the course of time was given responsibilities in Health and Safety and, eventually, Environmental. I am currently the EHS Manager for a large manufacturing company located near Cape Cod, MA. I've been with them for 8 years and have responsibility for multiple locations throughout the US and Canada. It is a great organization who take EHS seriously.

MD: What are the biggest challenges of an EHS professional in a manufacturing facility?

PY: I truly think the biggest challenge, initially, for an EHS professional in this type of environment is understanding the processes. In other words; how does equipment work? It is important to understand the inputs and outputs of your equipment so that you can determine the areas with the the realm of EHS that affect your organization. For the new EHS professional, I believe it is critical to work with Engineering, Maintenance, Machine Shop/Trades, Plant Superintendent, and, most importantly, the employees on the shop floor to completely understand the functionality of your plant or plants. It is time consuming but an integral part to ensure that your plant or plants are in compliance.

MD: Can you give an example on how EHS programs can help reduce cost in manufacturing operations?

PY: When I think of EHS programs, I think of an effective Management System. Developing and implementing a system ensures regulatory compliance and this, in return, leads to various cost reductions. Because we, now, have a mature management systems, we've seen a significant reduction in our workers compensation reserves. We've also seen a 90% decrease in incident rate, and we've seen an increase in our employee involvement within the programs at all levels. The constant is the management system and its implementation and subsequent adherence to all of the criteria set forth by your organization. A clear commitment from all levels of the organization is critical in driving this message to all employees. Due to the commitment, we have, quite honestly, saved millions of dollars.

MD: What would be the general expectations of an EHS professional or department from the Top Management?

PY: It depends on what Top Management is looking for. Some organizations want a clerk to run this department and I believe that it's a mistake. This position is critical within an organization. Top Management should empower the individual and expect that individual to make important and critical decisions. It is important that this person be a member of the management team as the amount of importance placed on the position by management can actually make the job more satisfying or very difficult. Ultimately, management must trust this person to make the necessary decisions to ensure that the organization is in compliance.

MD: Do you outsource any EHS projects and why?

PY:We are owned by a large organization that dictates how we outsource work and to whom. At my previous employer, we outsourced many EHS projects that ranged from Industrial Hygiene studies to specific types of environmental reporting. I have had much success in dealing with consultants and believe that they are extremely valuable in areas where I might not be as efficient or knowledgeable. I believe that is somewhat critical to an operation to get an extra set of eyes to review systems, audit programs, etc. and provide me with advice in ensuring that my program is staying on course.
MD: Thank you, Phil for sharing your experience with us.
Mr. Young can be reached at
To see the answers to specific questions, to read the interview of your favorite EHS expert or to share your EHS experience and be our guest for the month;
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EHS News & Regulatory Updates
TURI released grant opportunities for Fiscal Year 2011. The ultimate goal is to encourage Toxic Use Reduction practices. Three distinc Grant Opportunities are available. Proposals are due by September 24, 2010 and January 14, 2011...
During an OSHA inspection to the facility, it was discovered that workers were exposed to electrical hazards, they were not adequately trained or had required personal protective equipment...
Lack of a Spill Plan (SPCC) and illegal discharge of diesel fuel into a near river caused the violations...
Lisa Jackson published her 7 priorities for her time as administrator. She states that these priorities will guide her work in 2010 and the years ahead... 
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