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A Precious Child February Newsletter
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Erin Crask Volunteer of the Month
Broomfield HS and Holy Family HS giveSPORTS Drive
Girl Scout Troup #2791 Make Fleece Blankets
NMFRD tip on child safety
Client Stories
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Volunteer of the Month


Erin Crask

Erin Crask

Erin is one in a million! She has been volunteering for A Precious Child over the last year with social media, data entry, with the newsletter and much more. She is one of the most dedicated and positive people I have every met.

Thank you Erin for everything! 
Carina Martin
Executive Director 

giveSPORTS Night at Broomfield HS vs. Holy Family HS Varsity Basketball

John Long


giveSPORTS partnered with the Athletic Departments at Broomfield HS and Holy Family HS to conduct a youth sports equipment collection at the Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball games Saturday, January 28th at the Eagle Gym at BHS.

Through the concerted efforts of BHS AD John Long and Holy Family HS AD Ben Peterson, we were able to collect over 6 large bins of new and gently-used sports equipment to put in hands of clients of A Precious Child.

We are very grateful to both Athletic Directors and both schools for their support of our efforts to "Put a Kid in the Game." A big giveSPORTS THANK YOU to all of those fans who made this a great event.

giveSPORTS will be doing more special events with both local high schools in the near future so stay tuned for more details !

Girl Scout Troup #2791 Donate Fleece Blankets
Girl Scout Troup

Girl Scout Troop #2791 from Broomfield selected A Precious Child to be the recipient of the fleece blankets they are making for their troop project. Pictured above is the troup with the first 40 blankets they have made, and they hope to keep making more. They are needing the community to donate more fleece material at A Precious Child office located at 557 Burbank Street, Unit E in Broomfield and the girls will continue to make as many blankets as they can. 

Join us at CARNEVALE!

A Precious Child is providing tens of thousands of children their basic needs because of your 
support. We can not operate our programs without your continued support.
Carnevale is a fun way to help us raise the necessary funds to continue helping children and families in need.  Please register today for a night of fun, drinks, food, entertainment and dancing.


North Metro Fire Rescue 
North Metro Fire is continuing an ongoing mission to protect the lives of children by spearheading local efforts for "The Battery Controlled." 


This national partnership was launched by Safe Kids Worldwide and Energizer. Their mission is to share the information with parents and caregivers about the potential risks of swallowing lithium batteries.


These batteries are found in:
  • MP3 players
  • Mini remote control devices that unlock cars
  • Calculators
  • Reading Lights
  • Etc

Many people do not consider these batteries a risk, however in some devices it's easy for children to remove the back to reach the battery. If swallowed the saliva immediately triggers an electrical current that causes a chemical reaction that can severely burn the esophagus in as little as two hours. 


To learn more about about "The Battery Controlled"click here   


**Information provided by North Metro Fire Rescue
the Precious Stories
With the new year there comes new memories and stories. We at A Precious Child, wanted to share a couple stories with you. Thanks to your time, efforts, and contributions, you have made the lives of others easier and better.

Story One: 

Joe is in his mid 20's and a single father of two. He works full time to provide for his small family. However, even working full time, he was barely scraping by. When he learned that his mother was diagnosed with cancer, he didn't even hesitate, he quickly moved himself and his family in with her to act as caretaker. Providing for his family was now almost an insurmountable challenge with his mothers medical bills added on top.

However, when he came into A Precious Child to shop for his family, not once did he complain. He was so grateful for being able to receive clothing for his two young girls and some comfortable lounge wear for his mother. He is extremely optimistic about the future and knows that he and his family are strong and will be able to get through anything, especially with the help from A Precious Child.


Story Two:
A teenage girl came into A Precious Child to shop for clothes with her family. She was certain she wasn't going to be able to attend prom because her family couldn't afford a dress and never imagined A Precious Child would have a dress for her so she could go. Thanks to a donation from a generous donor of a prom dress, she was able to find the perfect dress that fit her beautifully!


"Devoted to Making a Positive Impact in the Lives of Disadvantaged and Displaced Children by Improving their Quality of Life."