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May 23, 2012 

I just finished pulling out my white pants and white shoes! You know what that means, don't you? That's right. This weekend is the official unofficial kick off to summer: Memorial Day Weekend. I love summer. It truly is my favorite time of the year. Warm days relaxing in the hammock or sitting by the pool, relaxing cook outs, reading good books, long weekends with friends, a family vacation... all the things that allow me to recharge and renew.
Unfortunately, the last several summers have just gotten away from me and I haven't managed to rest, relax or do any of the things that I love to do! In an effort to be less structured and more relaxed, I haven't relaxed at all! I haven't done the things that are important to me and instead have found myself at Labor Day weekend saying "Where did the summer go?" and "How come I don't feel like I enjoyed my summer?!"
Not this year! This year, I am getting REAL with my summer with what I am calling Operation Summer REALax 2012!
Here are my REAL Skinny Summer Strategies:
  1. I have set aside some time on my calendar for mental health days. That's right, even the lazy, hazy days of summer need personal time off!
  2. I plan to eat my weight in fresh fruits and vegetables. The flavors are at their finest this time of year, and I am going to take advantage of every juicy bite!
  3. I am not going to go to the gym! (Gasp!!) Instead, I will do a 30 minute stretch and strength routine on my deck in the mornings, and then I am going to go for a walk outdoors!
  4. I am going to take a nap at least once a week, preferably during a thunderstorm.
  5. I have set aside time each week to read, lay in the hammock, and sit by the pool!
  6. I have scheduled several long weekends with friends.
  7. I gave the hubby a new grill with all kinds of burners, griddles, and gadgets. Good bye kitchen, hello back yard!
What new strategies will you implement to create a REALax Summer for yourself!

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"Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language."

~ Henry James

I love gifts that give back... you're welcome, sweetheart!!
Mary FoxMary Fox, LMHC,  RD

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