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We apologize for the delay of this update. As some of you might know there has been a lot of transition with all those who administrate the Daniel Training Network.  Tim Miller and family are on the road visiting friends and family in preparation to soon be in Kenya.  Christie Ann has made it to Southeast Asia.  And Richee Parks moved to New Mexico with his family about a week ago.  
The Cross, The Spirit And The Day of the Lord

Jeremy Johnson 


As Christians in the West, there is a tendency to imagine that the coming of the Spirit somehow replaces our call to take up our cross. Thinking that the finished work of the cross is finished with us, is to have a poor view of the Day of the Lord, when all our works and motives will be revealed by fire. 
In this message, Jeremy connects the three aspects of: the Day of the Lord, the cross, and the Pledge of the Spirit, in light of the staggering call of the believer to costly discipleship.

You Will Come Down Song (mp3 & video)

Miller/Bruno/Parks Families and Nance Cogshall


This song starting coming forth during home-based prayer meetings in downtown Minneapolis.  The Lord later brought forth the rest of the song during prayer times in Duluth, MN. And it became an expression of longing to be gathered unto Jesus in Zion in resurrected glory. 



Hebrews Seminar (6 Sessions) 

Jeremy Johnson 


This teaching series is an exegetical, verse by verse study. The book of Hebrews is: a call to patient endurance  unto eternal inheritance in the age to come. The priesthood of Melchizedek is according to a new order of priesthood based on the life in the resurrection. In this study through the book of Hebrews, we will take a look at what it means to live for the age to come, by losing your life in this age, as we study the Hebrew perspective of hope in Messiah.
NOTE: We had technical difficulties with Session 3 but it will be up in the near future. 



Hopeless Christianity 

Jeremy Johnson


This teaching confronts 'hopeless christianity' that bases its success in fulfillment in this life. The true call to follow Jesus, is a stripping down of our heart unto barrenness through the cross while we hold to the pledge of the Spirit, so that we are provoked to prepare for the judgment. 



The City With Foundations Song (mp3 & video)

Miller/Parks Families 

This song developed over time through the 2011 summer during home-based morning prayer meetings in Duluth, MN. The Miller and Parks families had the joy of living together in an old Victorian house near Lake Superior. This song became a prophetic banner of sorts over both families based on the Lord sifting each heart in many different ways. Most of the song came forth during the process of each family purging many of their belongings in preparation for big life transitions in the Fall.



We Will Follow The Lamb Song (mp3 & video)


These choruses first came forth during prayer meetings in downtown Minneapolis with the Miller family, Bruno family and Nance Cogshall, and then were further developed in Duluth, MN. The Lord used these choruses in both contexts to strengthen the believers as He called them to carry their cross daily through the help of the Holy Spirit. 


Song of Songs 
Jeremy Johnson


This message is a brief overview of the allegorical interpretation of the book of the Song of Songs. The scriptures clearly reveal the full display of God's love and His drawing us back to Himself through the cross. This teaching presents the difference between a false love of God based from a skewed perspective our human depravity and the true love of God that was costly, through the giving of His Son.  


Freedom Song (mp3 & video)

Tim Miller/Henry Bruno/Nance Coggeshall


This call-and-response song spontaneously came forth during a home-based prayer meeting in downtown Minneapolis at the beginning of the 2011 year (Jan-March) through the leadership of the Miller family, Bruno family and Nance Cogshall. It celebrates the freedom we have in Christ: freedom from sin, freedom to come into His presence, freedom from the grave.



We Remember Song (mp3 & video)  
Miller/Parks Families


This song came during home-based prayer meetings in Duluth as God was gripping hearts with the depth of His love as expressed on the cross. Forever we will cast our crowns before the Lamb who gave it all! 



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You Will Come Down Song
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City With Foundations Song
We Will Follow The Lamb Song
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