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Feature: Social Media Connection Sans Overload
Tech Time Saver:
News: New Clients
Industry Spotlight: Compliance
Tech. Time Saver: SocialMention  

SocialMention allows you to receive real-time information from the social media sphere on who is talking about your business, your promotions and even your competition's marketing campaigns.  Like Google alerts, it simply requires registration and key word selection.

With SocialMention, you have the ability to see who is spreading good word about your business, and who is not. For the latter, this is the perfect tool to respond to negative feedback. It's always better to respond, even to negative feedback, because it allows you the opportunity to perform service recovery. See how to protect your company's reputation here. 


Install the Real-time Buzz Widget onto your website or blog page and you'll have instant feedback about your business -- think of it as a personalized, real-time advertisement. 

News & Events 

Stoller Vineyards' 2008 SV Chardonnay named Portland Monthy's 7th Best Oregon White. 


Pacific Rim launches Riesling's Greetings and is covered in Seattle Met, Seattle Times, SF Weekly and Chicago Tribune.    

Trellis signs new clients -- Abacela, Antolin, and  Vine Connections.

Stay tuned... we are also working on two brand launches for 2012 and 2013 in Napa and Sonoma.  

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Industry Spotlight:
Infinite Vineyards, LLC 

Did you know...

The state of Louisiana recently increased its per-consumer aggregate limit for wine shipments? You can now ship up to 12 cases of wine per year to your Louisiana clients. In addition to the aggregate limit change, effective January 1, 2012, sales and excise tax reports will be due quarterly rather than monthly.


Infinite Vineyards, LLC was formed in June 2011 by Wesley Paul and Stephanie Eads-Paul as a full spectrum wine industry-consulting company specializing in compliance issues.

Their comprehensive compliance service helps you manage industry changes like the above example.  They provide assistance with permitting, reporting (TTB, OLCC, direct to consumer and wholesale), imports and exports as well as label approvals and third-party compliance software.  


Contact Infinite Vineyards at 503-437-5421 or email Wesley
Twitter: @vincompliance 


  Dixie Huey sorting at Stoller

I am thrilled to announce that Trellis Wine Consulting has expanded!  

Janel Lubanski joined me this summer as Media Relations & Client Services Associate.  A native Oregonian, Janel is a recent journalism graduate of  Hawaii Pacific University, and comes to Trellis Wine Consulting with a strong communications background and expertise in social media.

She has an impressive six years of journalism experience, most recently working for Hawaii Business Magazine.  She also held a post at Pacific Edge, a business and lifestyle quarterly, and served as Editor for Kalamalama, Hawaii Pacific's newspaper.  She also pursued post graduate business coursework in the university's MBA program.

The name, Kalamalama, translates to "guiding light" -- a fitting term for the growth I'm looking to build with Janel on board.  She is the columnist for edition 20 of Strategic Guidance from the Ground Up, focusing on managing your business' social media program.   I hope you'll find her tools for "update optimization" and social media time savers as useful as I did.

Please join me in welcoming Janel to my team.  We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming industry event or tasting soon.





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Dixie L. Huey, Proprietor
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Stay Connected in Social Media Without Overload 

Have you ever had this thought? "As a small business owner, I don't have time to update my Facebook status three times a day; post 'tweets' every hour, on the hour; or keep a daily blog of new company news and events."  Well, you are not alone. Many businesses feel the same way.


I've recently noticed that there are more and more job opportunities for "social media managers" or "new media coordinators". These companies are 100 percent on the right track, but I can only think to myself, "Are you kidding me?" As a recent college graduate, I still couldn't fathom searching for said type of job given that while in college. I mostly used social media as a distraction to get out of doing actual "work."


Whether you are a customer-driven company or a two-woman marketing team that still prefers in-person and phone interaction over an email, letting your customers and clients interact with your business through your social media program creates value. The best part is, there are several platforms that allow you to remain visible to your audience without overloading your schedule or hiring a full-time social media manager. 


The Tools

Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that embeds all of your social media feeds into one location. You can manage your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, even your blog updates from one site and even schedule your status updates in advance, eliminating the need for manual updating.    

Added bonuses: Hootsuite just upgraded its interaction with Facebook to allow full monitoring and posting in its platform.  The company also added geo-campaigning to enable location specific posts.  For example, a US-based business might post a French tweet to only residents of French speaking countries. 


Tweetdeck is another social media platform that, like Hootsuite, links all of your social media pages onto one site. This program does not include all features of Hootsuite but still proves useful to businesses.


ViralHeat is where Google Alerts meets an analytics system.  This hub measures your company's mentions and site views, producing data analytics to help you optimize the time you designate for social media. For example, if the data shows that most followers view your sites or respond to your posts at 2 p.m. Monday and Wednesday, then you can streamline your updates around those times. The only downside is this system's cost, which ranges from $9.99 per month to $89.99 per month.


The Bottom Line  
All of these systems are quite versatile. Each one has a mobile app, so staying connected even while away from the office is always possible; and most importantly, the ability to schedule future tweets, monitor your business' presence and measure your performance means improved efficiency and effectiveness. 


Advertising is no longer a one-way street with companies shaping consumers' opinions -- social media has created an interactive, customer-driven marketing space, so taking part in the conversation is a must for most.

I hope to see your business pop up in my Twitter and Facebook news feeds soon,


Janel Lubanski
Media Relations and Client Services




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