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July 2012 Update

Civic Consulting Alliance invests $15 - $20 million per year in public sector priorities.  We create, embed, and connect pro bono teams of business experts, government leaders, and our own staff to reshape Chicago.

Currently, 53 teams are on the ground, and partners have already provided more than $11 million in services since the start of the fiscal year. 



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Partner Feature: Michael Scimo, Accenture





Accenture's long-standing involvement in corporate citizenship links our people to the communities in which we live and work. Guided by our core values, we work to bring positive change to those communities--and we are proud of our partnership with the Civic Consulting Alliance, as it helps us enhance our impact on the Chicago community.


For example, as part of our corporate citizenship initiative, our people donated their time and services to the City Colleges of Chicago Skills to Succeed program, which will equip 250,000 people by 2015 with the skills to get a job or build a business. As a result, we have improved IT services and created a job readiness mentoring program to help equip community college students with the confidence and skills they need to transition from college to careers.


Our corporate citizenship efforts also inspire our people, giving us an opportunity to create sustained impact in Chicago. I'm proud of the motivation and passion our people bring to our efforts with the Civic Consulting Alliance.


The possibilities for corporate involvement in our community are tremendous--and the need is greater now than ever before. I urge you to explore how your company can add the most value to your nonprofit partners while energizing your employees. Helping improve communities is critical to the economic vitality of our city--and, at the same time, is a great opportunity to nurture talent.


Michael Scimo, Managing Director of Accenture in Chicago and North American Human Capital and Diversity Lead
Watch a video on the impact of Accenture's partnership with Civic Consulting:

City-County Collaboration Saves $33.4 million in first year




Allstate Insurance Company


Bain & Company


Burrell Communications


DLA Piper


Ernst & Young LLP


Holland & Knight


IBM Corporation


Mayer Brown LLP


McDonald's Corporation




Perkins Coie LLP


Schiff Hardin LLP


University of Chicago Crime Lab


Xerox Corporation

The City and County have identified $33.4 million in annual savings or new revenue in their first year of collaboration, Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle and City of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced earlier this month. By combining resources, the City and County have also significantly improved service delivery to residents. 


This collaboration effort was the result of recommendations made by the Joint Committee on City-County Collaboration in June 2011. The committee projected that by 2014, the two governments could dramatically reshape how they deliver services to residents, while saving $66 - $140 million annually. In one year, the City and County have already achieved half of the low estimate of these savings. 


During this year, the collaboration effort:

  • Merged three workforce boards into one, allowing job seekers to connect with hiring firms across the City and County
  • Enabled reciprocal certification for minority and women owned businesses and held a joint vendor fair
  • Kicked off an unprecedented collaboration on anti-violence and community stabilization
  • Sped the launch of new IT initiatives, improving residents' on-line interactions with government
  • Coordinated tax enforcement actions, creating a more level playing field for honest businesses and recouping taxpayer money

This progress reflects more than $3 million of pro bono support from Civic Consulting Alliance and 14 local partners.



"We are excited about supporting the City and County in their efforts to work together to find ways to save taxpayer dollars," said Peter Friedman, Partner at Holland & Knight


For more information, contact Lydia Murray.


Chicago Tribune: City, County say $33.4 million to be saved through cooperation


Chicago Sun-Times: City-County collaboration saves more than $30 million


County Receives National Award for Energy Savings





Cook County received a Environmental Protection and Energy award from the National Assocation of Counties in May for its substantial energy savings.


A partnership with ComEd, through Civic Consulting Alliance, made the savings possible. The idea for the partnership first came up during President Preckwinkle's transition in 2010. Frank Clark, then-CEO of ComEd, co-chaired the transition and suggested the idea in one of the planning sessions. 



The County has saved $2.5 million in energy costs since the partnership with ComEd started in early 2011.

Friendly competition spurred the savings. Wattage Wars pitted each County facility against the others to see which could reduce their energy use the most. 


"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Cook County to promote innovative solutions that will save taxpayers' money and help them reduce their impact on the environment," said Anne Pramaggiore, President and CEO of ComEd and recently-appointed co-chair of the Cook County Sustainability Advisory Council.


For more information, contact Tom McKone.


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