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CCAPPartners Help Implement the Chicago Climate Action Plan
Civic Consulting Alliance partners play a key role in implementing the Chicago Climate Action Plan (CCAP), Chicago's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050.  The Plan has been recognized worldwide as a leading climate roadmap for cities.

Over the past few years, our partners have contributed nearly $11 million in pro bono services to develop and implement CCAP initiatives. In the past six months alone, these partners include:
More importantly, these contributions are having significant impact. For example, the Green Office Challenge, completed its inaugural year with over 150 participants who saved $5.1 million in energy costs. The program, run by ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, is being expanded to four other cities nationwide.

In addition to our pro bono partners, our work is supported by the Surdna Foundation, Grand Victoria Foundation, Global Philanthropy Partnership, and Boeing Foundation, who are all critical to the program's success.

CTACTA Board Approves Pilot Convention Pass Program
On June 2, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) approved plans for a Convention Pass (C-Pass), allowing conventions and conferences to purchase multi-day, unlimited-ride passes for attendees at a bulk rate. By reaching out to the untapped convention market, the C-Pass will provide CTA with incremental revenue and riders, while making Chicago more attractive to conventioneers and more environmentally friendly to all.

Civic Consulting and our partners were instrumental in bringing about the C-Pass: The Boston Consulting Group identified fare pass programs as a key step towards increasing transit use, while support from NRDC helped demonstrate that large conventions would be interested and develop the pricing structure and business model.

CPDPolice Department Puts More Officers on the Street
In January, Mayor Daley announced a comprehensive review of the Police Department. While crime is down, prominent homicides have prompted some to suggest bringing in the National Guard. Meanwhile, City budget pressures are placing added constraints on the Police Department, which comprises nearly half of the City's workforce. 

Working with Superintendent Weis on the comprehensive review, Civic Consulting and our partners have completed several projects to streamline administration and move officers from desk to street duty. Last week, Mayor Daley announced results of the most recent such effort, re-assigning 33 officers to street patrol and bring the total to more than 200 officers - the size of a Police district - reassigned to the streets, at no additional cost to taxpayers.

Partners contributing to this long-term Civic Consulting - Chicago Police Department program include:
June 2010:
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