November 2008
Civic Consulting Alliance
Yesterday, the final report of Mayor Daley's 21st Century Commission was released in a press conference at City Hall. The event attracted a good deal of coverage (see In The News, at right). What these articles do not highlight is the extraordinary private-sector commitment that made the Commission and its report possible. For example:
  • KPMG assigned Lia Douglas as a project manager for one of the sub-committees for the entire year;
  • KPMG also shared with the Commission the results of its international survey of urban challenges;
  • Deloitte presented to the commission its study of trends in government and their implications for Chicago, setting the stage for much of the Commission's early thinking;
  • O-H Community Partners' Managing Partner Kim Hunt co-led the sub-committee on environment, infrastructure, and business services with Tom McKone from the Alliance staff;
  • Lloyd Consulting's Susan Lloyd managed the sub-committee on resident services;
  • The Civic Committee of The Commercial Club of Chicago loaned Kristen Carroll to help organize the initial work of the business services committee.
Four Alliance Board members sat on the Commission: Laurence Msall of The Civic Federation, Lester McKeever of Washington Pittman & McKeever, John Livingston of McKinsey & Company, and Janet Froetscher of The National Safety Council.
The entire, year-long effort of partners, commissioners, and staffers was artfully guided by Gillian Darlow of the Alliance.

The final report echoes the original FPC report many of you remember from 1986: 64 recommendations that will reshape the organization, finances, and services of the City. You can read a copy of the report here. If you would like the report in hard-copy, please send the request by clicking here
Thank you to all of our partners who contributed to this significant undertaking,

Brian Fabes
Brian Fabes
Civic Consulting Alliance
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