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WELCOME!                                      December 14, 2008      Issue #6
Happy Holidogs
Altoid gum

Hi everyone!

We made a very special holiday greeting for you. Click on it in the Video Clips section below, and enjoy! 
It's been a year of ups and downs for our country. But no matter how it has affected us, the winter holidays give us an opportunity to appreciate the blessings we do have and to celebrate the sharing spirit of the season. We wish you an abundance of love and joy, 
                    HAPPY HOLIDOGS!
                        Martia & Rincon
HOLIDAY REMINDER: Chocolate and artificial sweeteners can be dangerously toxic to dogs. Please keep all candy and gum where your dogs can't get it.       


In This Issue
  • FUN VIDEO CLIPS - Our holiday greeting to YOU, and Bailey the dog
  • GIFT IDEA - The gift that keeps on giving 
  • DEAR RINCON - Advice Column for Dogs 
  • CLASSES START 1/24 - Obedience & Socialization, Dog Dancing
  • FUNNY BONE - You've gotta be kidding!
  • COUPON - Refer a friend for 1/3 off!
Recession Proof Joy
To counteract the recession, I'm giving you TWO video clips this time.  They both remind us that we can make our own fun.
First, here it is, your  Happy Holidogs  clip of Rincon and me.  We take dog dancing up a notch!  Taa-daaa!!!  Click here.
Second, I shared this one six months ago, but if your memory is anything like mine it will seem brand new. For some good cheer - and a carefree idea from a dog named Bailey who truly knows the secret to getting through the holidays - click here
The Gift That Keeps On Giving 
  Looking for a unique gift that's fun to use  
 and makes life better for years to come?
  Give a gift certificate for Dog Dancing
  or Obedience Training!

Know someone whose dog needs training? Imagine how calm their household will be and how pleasant their walks will become after a private session or class. They'll thank you!

Know someone who would enjoy a fun new activity to do with their dog? (Frankly, who wouldn't?)  A private dog dancing lesson will give them 2-5 new steps and enough confidence to start showing off to their friends!  At the very least, they'll keep YOU entertained! 
Phone or email Martia to order a gift certificate. She'll get one to you immediately.
Credit cards accepted.  For prices:
Questions Dogs Only Dare to Ask Each Other
Rincon, closeup  Dear Rincon,
  I'm always getting into trouble for jumping on people when they
  come over. When the holiday guests arrive, what should I do?
  Bouncily yours,
  Petra, Black Lab

Dear Petra,
I, myself, was surprised to learn that rushing at people as hard and fast as possible was not good manners.
People seem to be mysteriously fragile when they enter a house, so play it safe, and wait before making direct contact. 
Standing nearby and just looking at them works great. I like to sit and offer my paw, which usually gets me a Shake and some kind words. But there are people who ignore even that polite gesture, mumbling that they're "cat people," which sounds like something totally made up and impossible, but whatever....
Bottom line, you can't please all the people all the time, but if you curb your enthusiasm until people can at least put down their stuff, you're more likely to get a biscuit.
Your pal,
The Candid Canine
Dog readers, Send your questions to Rincon at  Be sure to include your name and breed or mix (if known).
Mark Your New Calendar.

School Bus 2

                     DOG OBEDIENCE & SOCIALIZATION
                         Six Saturdays, January 24 - March 7(skip 2/14)
                      9:30 -10:30am, Sebastopol
Training and socializing your dog might be easier than you think! 
For class details go to 

DOG DANCING (Canine Freestyle Dance)
  A small, semi-private class will start soon.  Phone to be included. 
Dance with your dog??!!  You betcha!  It's easy and fun.
(Dogs dance on all four feet. And you do not have to be a good dancer!)
For class details go to

To enroll or get more information about these classes, contact Martia.
See fun video clips of dog dancing & dog training at
You've Gotta Be Kidding!
Dachsund facing right     Dachsund facing left
       During break time at obedience school, two dogs were talking. 
       One said to the other,"The thing I hate about obedience school
       is that you learn ALL this stuff you will never use in the real world."

Get 1/3 off!
Know someone who hasn't worked with Martia & Rincon yet?
 Refer them!  Or get them a gift certificate!
 After your referral has a one-hour private session, you will receive 
1/3 off your next private session of one hour or longer.
Refer 2 friends for 2/3 off.    Refer 3 friends for a free session!
Expires 1/15/09

That Is the Question.
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