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WELCOME!                                          June 16, 2008      Issue #4
Speaking Up
Martia Nelson & Rincon photoHello, dog lovers!
Just a quick ezine today.
One of my friends told me that my article about the convertible guys in the last issue was a bit of a rant.
The topic of the article definitely was something I felt strongly about, and I can get worked up about people not keeping their dogs safe. So I've had to think about what she said. 
I guess, bottom line, I think it's important to speak up for dogs. If we wait until we know how to say something perfectly and without ruffling anyone's feathers, we might wait forever. I believe it's more important to speak up in the best way we can and hope that our effort raises awareness and gets conversations going. Imperfect communication is better than none.
I'm still waiting to hear from the convertible guys though.
Tail wags till next time,



P.S.  Notice the new dog humor section: Funny Bone.  And send me you best dog jokes and cartoons!

 To read the rant about the convertible guys,
or to see any past issues, go to the Archives.
Dog Days of Summer Are Coming
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Quick, Say That Three Times Fast!
Jo Ann Cohn's paw print
I can't believe I didn't tell you about this sooner.  Magnetic dog paw prints
for the outside of your car!

I have two magnetic paw prints going up one side of my car and two going down the other.  It looks like Rincon ran across my car with muddy paws.  I wouldn't put it past him.
The paw prints are on floppy, magnetic-backed vinyl.  So easy.  Just lay them on your car, and they stay put.  To remove them, just pull them right off.  Nothing sticky, no residue.  They're as usable and reusable as your refrigerator magnets - especially if you have magnetic backed photos on your fridge.
Hey, you could even use these paw prints on your fridge!
Check them out at . is my friend Jo Anne Cohn's new business - she also has other fun designs there.  They make very cool gifts.  And she'll make personalized car magnets from photos you email her.  Send her a photo of your dog (or a friend's dog), and it will come back to you on a car magnet, ready for the road.  It's easy to spot your car in a parking lot with your dog's happy face beaming at you. 

This new kind of magnetic car art is replacing bumper stickers.  It's often called "car tattoos," but there's no needle or ink, it doesn't hurt, and it's as temporary as you want it to be.  If only everything was that simple.

Jo Anne is a super positive, ex-Peace Corps, dog loving, local woman.  Lets support her business success! 
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Questions Dogs Only Dare to Ask Each Other
Rincon, closeup  Dear Rincon,

  Why do my people make such a fuss if I don't come when they call me?

  Born to roam,
  Samba, Rhodesian Ridgeback mix

Dear Samba,

Sigh - yes, it can be trying to see them so frantic. 
They really need to relax, take time to stop and smell the roses. Like we do!  And the grass and the bushes and the base of poles and - well, let's just say that our people are not inquisitive enough.
It's best to have patience with them.  Go back to them because you love them and want to make them happy.  No matter how much you want to dash down the block, go after the squirrels, or keep your nose in that gopher hole, turn around when your people call, and go home with them.  At dinner time you'll be glad you did.

Your pal,
The Candid Canine


Dog readers, Send your questions to Rincon at  Be sure to include your name and breed or mix (if known).
The Telegram
Funny Bone dog clipart
A German Shepherd went into a Western Union telegram office, took out a blank form, and wrote "Woof.   Woof.   Woof.  Woof.  Woof.  Woof.  Woof.  Woof. Woof. "
The clerk examined the paper and politely told the dog, "There are only nine words here.  You could send another 'Woof' for the same price." 
"But," the dog replied, "that would make no sense at all."
That Is the Question.
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