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From our Prayer Team Coordinator for Africa...

Dear Prayer Team Member,

We expect you have heard of conflicts taking place in Central Africa. Please, if the heart says to you ,it will be generous that we rest a part of our attention on this conflict which brings the desarray to the populations and affects all the region of the great lakes including countries.

For a related article from the Christian Science Monitor, click on the link below.

Daniel Biwila CS



As mentioned in a previous email to Prayer Team members, we are looking for individuals who would like to serve as coordinators for our work. This really just means being alert to regional prayer needs (world or church related), preparing a notice (like the one above) with links if you have them, and emailing it to me for distribution to the whole Prayer Team.  It has come to our thought to do this regionally.... so we are looking for volunteers for the areas below. Having coordinators will help me to be more timely on these needs. We want to be "Minutemen and Minutewomen".
Let us know if you'd like to be the Prayer Team coordinator for:
  • Canada
  • Mexico, Central & South America (spanish helpful as we'll share info with our spanish CS Yahoo group)
  • UK and Europe
  • India
  • Australasia
If several of you are interested in an area, we can have CO-cooridnators :) We can also break down these groups in a different way if needed.

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