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He has the whole world in His hands

with Galen Goldsmith    click here for audio introduction to this seminar»


Saturday, Jan. 21 (1 pm Eastern time - 10 am Pacific) Attend by phone or Skype and learn from the convenience of your home. Can't attend on the day of the event? Everyone enrolled receives the audio replay file (MP3) of the event which may be kept for your personal use.

Description: We will be exploring the metaphor of the hand of God, or the divine power of God active in the world - the tradition that Israel was brought forth from Egypt by the strong hand and uplifted arm of the LORD, beginning with Ex. 4:13.  We will dig up, carefully dust off and discern the outlines of an original story about Moses in which he prayed to be sent to Egypt in the hand of God.  From this cornerstone, we will look at its many manifestations throughout Old and New Testaments.  This seminar will be based on quality scholastic exegesis and then move from the spiritual sense of scripture to how this precious and ancient promise is still true in our lives today.

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