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Smile Makeover Before/After
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Baby Teeth...
Dr. Hornseth as a Mentor
Tooth Fairy News
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Meet Our Hygiene Coordinator
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Email Happy Valentine's Day with your name and phone to hornsethcurless@new.rr.com for
a  chance to win a $50 gift cerficate to the office. Winner will be drawn on February 21st. Good Luck! 
Happy Birthday to Dr. Hornseth on February 16th. 
1st birthday
Finn Thomas, Dr. Erin Curless' son celebrates his 1st birthday on February 8th.
Kellie, our treatment coordinator shows her son, Trevor's 7 layer 17th birthday cake for February 13th.



brenna team 
Happy Valentine's Day! We love our patients. Thank you for trusting us with your care. One of the things that our patients do - something that makes us feel great and confirms that  you think we are doing a good job is referring family, friends, and colleagues. A thriving practice allows us to re-invest in new technologies and further education.

Thank you for all your past referrals, and a special thank you in advance for your future referrals.  We really do appreciate them.

Dr. Philip Hornseth and Dr. Erin Curless 

Before and After...  
battaglia before
battaglia after
This young patient presented to Dr. Erin Curless with concerns about her smile. She was very self-conscious about the spaces between her teeth and the fact that her teeth looked very short and small. Her smile transformation was done in two stages.
First, a gum tissue procedure ( "crown lengthening" ) was done to expose more of the tooth structure and make the teeth appear longer. The second stage of her smile makeover was the placement of conservative veneers over the front 6 teeth. These veneers are all porcelain and extremely esthetic.
A stunning result was achieved and our patient can't stop smiling! We would like to thank her for sharing her story and being a model patient...in more ways than one!

Confirmation Communication

Did you know that 40% of adults have Smart Phones and that 87% check their email on a daily basis.  We want to make confirming appointments easy for your family. If you would like you and your family's appointments confirmed by email, forward us your  email contact information to hornsethcurless@new.rr.com.

What do I do when my child's permanentDawson

tooth is coming in behind the baby tooth? 


This eruption pattern can often be seen when the permanent teeth first make their appearance in the mouth. It often occurs when the permanent teeth are larger than the space provided so they erupt behind the baby teeth. We initially observe how the jaws grow and let other teeth further erupt. This growth will be observed and could prompt an earlier visit to the orthodontist. The tongue also can act like an orthodontic appliance that can align and move the permanent teeth forward and loosen the baby teeth to the point that they are lost on their own. Other times, these teeth need to be helped out by us, but this again would not be addressed until we allow some further development of the jaws and teeth. So this is a situation to let us worry about at your child's future dental check-ups! We hope this helps!

Dr. Hornseth Shares His Dental Experience

Two Appleton students are being mentored by Dr. Hornseth  while attending Marquette Dental School.  He shares with them over 37 years of dental experience.  In a few weeks they will be attending the Chicago Midwinter Dental Convention. In additon to viewing the exhibition hall, they will be attending a class on how to achieve an ideal bite and creating a healthy margin at the gumline.

Dr. Hornseth will be attending a restorative dentistry seminar at the Spears Institute in Arizona this month.  This is a follow-up class that Dr. Hornseth, Dr. Curless and the dental assistants attended in 2010.

Tooth Fairy News... Tooth Fairy
What Happens When a Child Loses a Tooth in Indonesia... "I throw my tooth backwards over the roof. My Mother says I must thow it very straight so that my new tooth will grow in straight."


Click here for the coloring sheet to win a $25 gift card to Wal-Mart. Contest is for our patients 12 and under. Color or decorate the leprechaun however you like and mail it to our office. Winner will be selected in a random drawing on March 19th.


coloring contest



Office News
Congratulations to our hygienist, Kim for competing her first marathon in Tybee Island, Georgia on her 40th birthday on February 4th. Her bucket list t-shirt design took 2nd place and earned her the birthday cake above.  Even though she didn't win, the event organizers liked the design so much they decided to print shirts with the Bucket List logo. All proceeds from the sale will go to the Susan G Komen Foundation. 

Steven, who's Mom helps keep our office looking it's best, poses before taking the Plunge on January 1st.
Polar Plunge

Meet our Hygiene Coordinator, Stacey

Stacey toothbrush-past

Hometown: Menasha

Traumatic Dental Experience: "On my high school graduation, I went for a moped ride, hit loose gravel and off I flew... skidding face first on the cement. One of my teeth flew out of my mouth and the 2 front teeth were hanging by in my mouth by threads. They were able to implant the teeth back in. I've gone through root canals and front crowns. If you have any questions about what I have gone through, I would be happy to talk about it with you."