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The Smile Connection Newsletter    October  2011

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Halloween Candy Contest
Smile Makeover Before/After
Tooth Fairy News
Office News
Candy Nightmare


Halloween Candy Contest
What will you be handing out to the ghosts and goblins this Halloween? Non-candy items can include pencils, stickers, Silly Bands, bubbles, tatoos. Check out the sugar content of these candies (one fun size treat) and rank from most to least sugar: 
Kit Kat, peanut M & M's, Nerds, Skittles, Nestle Crunch, Peppermint Pattie. 
The winner will be selected to receive a $25 gift certificate to Wal-mart . Click for study notes. Winner will be selected November 15th. Email your answers with your name and phone to: hornsethcurless@new.rr.com 

Back to School Contest  Winnner
Congrats to Pat and Kim who won a Walmart gift card for their back to school shopping.  The answers are for the least to most acidic beverages: skim milk, orange juice, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, and Coca-Cola.
brenna team 
cpr team
Your Safety, Our Priority
Happy Halloween! 

Halloween is a fun holiday and you shouldn't have to worry about tooth decay.  Learn about the sugar content in candy and have your kid's enter our Halloween coloring contest.  The Tooth Fairy has been busy creating some fun tooth activities for you and your child. Fall has been busy at our office. cpr action

As you can see, our office had our CPR certfication updated at Morton Safety this fall. Dr. Erin Curless' son, Finn Thomas has learned to crawl and Dr. Hornseth enjoyed his first trip to France.

Our hygienist, Jodi is recovering from shoulder surgery. She will be back in the office the end of November. Karen, a former classmate of Jodi and Kim is filling in during her absence.

 smiling pumpkin We are accepting new patients and appreciate your referrals. Call to schedule any end of the year treatment you may need to maximize your benefits for the year.Thank you for placing your trust in our practice.

Dr. Philip Hornseth and Dr. Erin Curless

Before and After...  
chandler before
chandler after
Dr. Erin Curless completed the case in three months with six all ceramic porcelain crowns.  The first appointment was a consultation and impressions. Dr. Curless created a model for the desired shape of the finished teeth. The teeth were prepared and the patient left in temporary crowns.  Two weeks later the permanant crowns were put on and the patient has not stopped smiling.  This is a wonderful example of how an improved smile cannot only change teeth, but people's lives.
Tooth Fairy News... Tooth Fairy
What Happens When a Child Loses a Tooth in Singapore... "I throw my lower teeth straight up to the roof so that my new teeth will also grow straight up. I throw my upper teeth straight down to the ground. If I throw them slanted, my new tooth might grow in slanted"


Click here for some Tooth Fairy Fun for your children with theseTop 10 Tooth Fairy Activities.


Click here for the coloring sheet to win a $25 gift card to Wal-Mart. Color or decorate the pumpkin however you like and mail it to our office. Winner will be selected in a random drawing on Monday, November 14th.

coloring page

coloring page


Office News
Homecoming Queen  Congrats to Homecoming Queen Jordan at Fox Valley Lutheran this fall. Jordan is Dawn (our dental assistant's) daughter.
Dental Hygienist Jodi is a Warrior! Jodi Warrior DashShe completed the Warrior Dash obstacle course in Twin Lakes this September. The best part of the event was the climbing through the mud (as you can see).

The summer of broken bones...
Kyle (son to Robin, our dental assistant) broke his leg at football practice.
sidney broken armSydney (Jodi's daugher) broke her arm twice in 6 weeks. She enjoyed many colors of casts this summer.
finn filing
Dr. Curless son, Finn Thomas helping to file charts.



Don't Make Halloween Candy a Teeth Nightmare
Who doesn't love candy? Odds are your kids are going to come home with a pumpkin full of Halloween candy.  These simple ideas can help your child enjoy their Halloween candy without the nightmare of cavities to follow at their next check up.
  • Teach your kids moderation, they don't have to eat all their candy in one night.
  • Make sure your child are brushing their teeth two times a day and flossing with parental help or using dental flossers.
  • Give your kids sugar free gum to chew.
  • Avoid sticky food like caramels, candy corn, taffy, fruit rollups. pumpkin baby