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The Smile Connection Newsletter    May 2011

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Does Your Smile Need Some Red, White and Blue?
Tooth Fairy News
Patient Testimonial
Office News


Back to School
With summer almost over, it's time to get in the mood for studying. A winner will be selected to receive a $50 gift certificate to Wal-mart for their back to school shopping. Rank these from best to worst for your teeth (least acidic to most acidic).Click for study notes.
Mountain Dew
skim milk
orange juice
Coca Cola
Winner will be selected Wed. Aug. 31st. Email your answers with your name and phone to: hornsethcurless@new.rr.com 

Coloring Contest  Winnner
Congrats to Nicole our coloring Contest Winner.  She won a Sonicare for Kid's Power Toothbrush.   Happy Brushing, Nicole!
Nicole Benedict resized
brenna team 
brenna team

Our Dental Team can help you love your smile for any occasion!

We hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are. Our dental team celebrated the marriage of our dental assistant, Brenna on July 23rd. In September we are looking forward to a Brewer Game at Miller Park. We will also be learning about ergonomics and posture at Bellin Health in Green Bay this fall.

School will be in session soon and we invite you to test your knowledge with our Back to School Quiz on acidic beverages. With school just around the corner, we encourage you to get your children scheduled for their fall checkups and any needed treatment. 

If you are waiting to schedule treatment for the end of the year or next year, we can give you an estimate to maximize your dental insurance and flexible spending account benefits.

Thank you for placing your trust in our practice. We are accepting new patients and appreciate your referrals. Enjoy the rest of your summer with your friends and family.
Dr. Philip Hornseth and Dr. Erin Curless
Does Your Smile Need Some Red, White and Blue?
Red White and Blue Aligners 
Have your teeth moved, since you had your braces off? Do a few crooked teeth bother you about your smile? If so, we have a simple solution to straighten slightly crooked teeth.  The solution is Red, White and Blue or Simpli 5. The system involves wearing a clear aligner that is changed monthly for three or five months. This is similar to Invisalign. The last aligner acts as the final retainer and can be used as a whitening tray. To see if you are a candidate for straighter teeth, call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hornseth or Dr. Erin Curless. Learn more.
Tooth Fairy News... Tooth Fairy
What Happens When a Child Loses a Tooth in Aboriginal Australia... "My mother and father say that if a crow or a bird sees or eats my tooth, a new one won't come in, so I bury my tooth in the garden and cover it with soil. I might even cover the tooth with cow dung or mud and throw it on the roof so it will be hidden!"
Did you know... The Tooth Fairy is strong.. An elephant's molar measures 1 foot wide and weighs between 8 and 10 pounds each.
$2.13 is the average amount the tooth fairy left for a child's tooth in the U.S. in 2010.
Patient Testimonial
marge after
marge full face
Showing her new smile.
"Doc. Philip Hornseth and his professional team are terrific.
My new teeth and the whitening process turned out beautifully and I am very satisfied.
I feel ten years younger and find myself smiling all the time.
Thank you Doc. Hornseth, Dawn, Wendy, Kim and the office staff."
Marjorie - from Appleton
Dr. Philip Hornseth completed this case with four crowns after Marjorie fractured a front tooth.

Office News
Dr. Hornseth and MaryGay celebrated their youngest son, Todd's marriage to Kristin in Oregon on July 16th. They celebrated in Wisconsin with a reception on August 6th at Ridgeway Country Club.
Todd wedding
Kristin, Todd, MaryGay, Dr. Hornseth
Brenna FamilyBrenna joined the Hornseth and Curless Team November, 2008.  She married Spencer Jack in Greenville on July 23rd. This was the third Van Straten-Jack wedding as Brenna TP TBBrenna's two older sister's are married to Spencer's two older brothers. Click to see their unique story in this FOX 11 segment.