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The Smile Connection Newsletter    May 2011

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Say Cheese
Office News
Tooth Fairy News
Sonicare Kid's, EasyClean
Patient Testimonial
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Ki'd's Coloring Contest
Congrats to Denise from Appleton the dental trivia game winner. She won a Sonicare EasyClean Sonicare toothbrush. The next contest is for our patients twelve and under.  
Dowload by clicking -  Super Clean coloring page and color away. The entries will decorate our office for the summer.
Simply mail or drop off the coloring pages with your child's name, age, parent's name and phone number on the back. Winner will be selected in a random drawing on June 30, 2011 for a Sonicare for Kid's Power Toothbrush. Good Luck!



We Know How You Feel

Sometimes, you may be sitting in the treatment chair... and may wonder, "How would they like to be in my position?"  As an office, many of us have been there either as patients or parents to our children receiving treatment.

Five of our dental team members have children in braces. Dr. Hornseth is going through braces again after having them as a teenager. He will tell you a lot has changed, since he wore them in the late 60's. One of the hygienist's children had orthognathic surgery to correct a large overbite (and is now in dental school at Marquette). Three members of our team have veneers to straighten crooked teeth.

A few have visited Valley Endontics to have root canals completed or the oral surgeon to have wisdom teeth removed or an implant placed.

So, next time you have a question about your treatment or dental options feel free to ask, odds are we have been there ourselves.


Dr. Philip Hornseth, Dr. Erin Curless and Dental Team 

Say Cheese
Next time you visit us at your hygiene appointment, say cheese as your hygienist will take a photo of  your smile to store in your electronic record. You may say... "I don't  like to smile for the camera, or I hate my photo taken." This photo will allow us to have a record of how your teeth look.
Every three years we will take a new photo and compare any changes to your smile. These pictures are also important if a tooth breaks and want it restored as before. Dr. Hornseth and Dr. Curless will be happy to discuss any alterations that you may have for improving the appearance of your front teeth as well.
Here is an example of a before and after photo:
dysplasia before
     dysplasia after
Dr. Erin Curless restored this tooth with composite filling material in April. A little girl left our office with a huge smile for her fixed tooth.  
This tooth erupted with a defect in the enamel called dysplasia. Enamel dysplasia can be easily fixed with a tooth colored filling.  Enamel dysplasia is an enamel defect caused by a fever, trauma when the tooth is erupting, or other causes.
Office News

Dr. Hornseth and MaryGay celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary with the birth of their third grandson, Ben on March 17, 2011. Ben's parents, Brett and Betsy along with Will (age 5) and Sam (age 3) are having fun in De Pere with their boys.  Dr. Hornseth otherwise know as "Little Grandpa" is coaching Will's soccer team in De Pere this summer.


Brett FamilyPhil Ben


Curless Family Photo Feb. 2011


Dr. Curless, Ryan and Aliisa are loving baby Finn Thomas who will be four months old on June 8th. Dr. Curless came back to work mid-April after enjoying her maternity leave and good weather while visiting her in-laws in Arizona.







Amy, our office manager, became Grandma

to her third  granddaugher, Quinnlynn Rose on May 18th. Amy's daughter Amanda, her husband Mark, Adrianna (age 7) and Chloe (age 2) reside in Oshkosh.  

Tooth Fairy News... Tooth Fairy
What Happens When a Child Loses a Tooth in Nepal... My mother and father say that if a crow or a bird sees or eats my tooth, a new one won't come in. I bury my tooth in the garden and cover it with soil. Or I might cover the tooth with cow dung or mud and throw it on the roof so it will be hidden.
EasyClean, Kid's Sonicares are Here...

Stop by and improve your gum tissue by purchasing a Sonicare toothbrush. Using a power toothbrush has been proven to remove more plaque and reduce gingivitis.

Product Details Product Details

A Smartimer shuts the brush off automatically after brushing for two minutes. During these two minutes, the brush provides 62,000 brush strokes to clean your teeth. A power toothbrush also helps to keep orthodontic brackets clean.
The Sonicare comes with one toothbrush head. Additional brush heads can be purchased at a retail store for additional family members to use the brush. When purchasing the brush at the office, be sure to receive your mail in rebate slip to receive an additonal $10 off the power brush and $5 off additonal brush head purchases.


List Price: $84.99 Easy Clean, $69.99 Kid's Sonicare
Our Price: $70.00 EasyClean, $50 Kid's Sonicare - $10 mail in rebate
Patient Testimonial

When our previous dentist laughed about my young son's fear and inability to control his gag reflex and told him to get over it, I decided we needed a new dentist.  We moved to Hornseth and Curless Dental after a friend recommended them.   The hygienists and dentists worked with him with kindness and humor and he's now able to have the most invasive procedures done with very few  problems and little anxiety.   From the start they have been wonderful, caring and interested in making us both comfortable while maintaining and encouraging our good dental health.   The office staff is friendly and welcoming and always very nice about any scheduling difficulties or billing questions.  I'm very grateful and that's why we're here!


Evelyn from Appleton


Thank you for placing your trust in our practice.  We are accepting new patients and appreciate your referrals.  Enjoy your summer with your friends and family.
Dr. Philip Hornseth and Dr. Erin Curless