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The Smile Connection Newsletter    February 2011

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Dental Care Through the Years
Office News
Tooth Fairy News
Sonicare EasyClean
Dental Trivia Contest
Refer a  Friend  Incentive
We believe it's important to express gratitude when patient convey their trust in us by referring family, friends, and coworkers. Every time a new patient calls to schedule a new patient exam and says you referred them, you will be entered in a drawing for our Dinner and a Movie Promotion. Enjoy a $25 AppleBee and $25 Regal Cinema certificate.  Winner will be selected May 2nd.  Have them call 920.731.1550 to schedule today or visit our website.

Super Bowl 2011 

We hope winter is finding you and your family healthy. We look forward to maintaining or creating a winning smile for you this year. Please call to set up a consultation appointment to discuss your dental options.


As we celebrate the Packer's victory, we want to welcome the newest member of our dental team. Dr. Erin Curless and her husband, Ryan welcomed Finn Thomas on February 8th.  He is ready for the starting lineup coming in to the world at 9 pounds, 5 ounces and 22 inches long. Big sister, Aliisa is excited that the baby is finally here. Dr. Curless will be returning to the office mid-April. During her absence, Dr. Hornseth is available to address any dental concerns you may have.


Did you know February is Children's Dental Health month?  We look forward to making your child's dental experience enjoyable. Patient education is vital to ensuring a smile that will last a lifetime, do not hesitate to ask questions of us.


Dr. Philip Hornseth, Dr. Erin Curless and Dental Team 

Dental Care Through the Years

Dental Care for Infants Baby teeth may be temporary, but they are important for chewing, biting, speech and appearance. Baby teeth hold the space for adult teeth, so establish good oral health by wiping baby's gums with a soft, moist cloth.


Dental Care for Ages Two to Six Children now can be taught to brush their own teeth and parents can help to make sure that no areas are missed.  At age two and a half, we encourage your child to watch you have your preventative visit with the hygienist.  If your child desires, he can go for a "practice" ride in the chair. We recommend your child's first visit at age three.

Thumb sucking should be discouraged if it continues past age four.  This can cause crooked teeth and malformation on the roof of the mouth.


Dental Care for Children Ages Seven to Twelve Around these ages the dentist may recommend that your child see an orthodontist. In office fluoride varnish treatments are applied at their preventative appointments to help keep teeth cavity free.

Sealants are placed on the first and second permanent molars. Sealants help prevent decay by preventing bacteria from penetrating the grooves of the molars.


Dental Care for Teens Teenagers often lack the motivation to brush. Braces require even more care to prevent future decay problems. The hygienist may recommend prescription fluoride toothpaste such as Fluoridex or MI Paste Plus to prevent decay and enamel white spots around the brackets. It is important to monitor soda consumption for teenagers.  Non-diet soda has an average of 12 teaspoons of sugar.

During high school, teenagers will often have a dental radiograph/x-ray to check the development of their wisdom teeth and we will recommend a referral to the oral surgeon to remove them if necessary.

Office News

Sue and Lee ZubellaCongratulations to our hygienist, Sue Zubella and her husband, Lee, who were the recipients of the Appleton Terror Backer Volunteer Award at this year's Red Smith Sports Banquet.





Hygienist, Kim and Tooth Fairy, Wendy gave a presentation for

Children's Dental Health Month at the Wrightstown Library on February 2nd.  The children learned about going to the dentist, healthy snack choices and then made their own tooth fairy pillow.
If your group is interested in a dental speaker please call the office to make arrangements. We love to share our dental knowledge. Tooth Fairy Wendy Kids

Tooth Fairy News... Tooth Fairy
What Happens When a Child Loses a Tooth in Japan... If it is an upper tooth, it is thrown in the dirt. If it is a lower tooth, it is thrown on the roof.  The new tooth will grow toward the old one and will come in straight.

They're back. Thanks to Amy's Mom, JoeAnn has been busy sewing our famous tooth fairy pillows. We will once again be handing these out when your child has their first wiggly tooth. 
JoeAnne Tooth Fairy pillows
Sonicare EasyClean
Using a power toothbrush has been proven to remove more plaque. Our office loves the Sonicare. We have recommended Sonicare for years. The Sonicare Easy Clean sonic toothbrush is now available for purchase at the office. 
A Smartimer shuts the brush off automatically after brushing for two minutes. During these two minutes, the brush provides 62,000 brush strokes to clean your teeth. A power toothbrush also helps to keep orthodontic brackets clean.
The brush comes with one toothbrush head. Additional brush heads can be purchased at a retail store for additional family members to use the pwer brush. When purchasing the brush at the office, be sure to receive your mail in rebate slip to receive an additonal $10 off the power brush and $5 off additonal brush head purchases.


Our Price: $70.00 - $10 mail in rebate
List Price: $85.00
Dental Trivia Contest
Congrats to Allan from Neenah our first dental word scramble game winner. Answer these trivia questions for a chance to win a Sonicare EasyClean Sonic Toothbrush.
  1. ________________ is the hardest substance in the human body.
  2. ________________ is the number one cause of tooth loss.
  3.  #______ baby teeth, and #_______  permanant teeth for a human. 
  4. George Washington's false teeth were made out of __________ (it is not wood).
  5. True or False - A mother's decay causing bacteria can be transmitted to her child.

Simply email hornsethcurless@new.rr.com your answers along with your name and phone number.  When we receive your completed, correct answers, you will be entered into a drawing for the power toothbrush.  Winner will be drawn on  April 6th. Good Luck!