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This Week's (Early) Fresh Fish UN-Fry

Ahi Tuna


pan seared with a ginger rice cake & asparagus

shiitake salad and finished with a spicy chili aioli sauce



Beginning MONDAY at the special price of just $20 until it sells out (call ahead to reserve)


Ahi Tuna


We're Swimming in Tuna


We're quite proud of the reputation the Rookery has developed for our Fresh Fish UN-Fry. But offering fresh fish this far from the ocean is not without its challenges. Every week we try to estimate how much to order based on the number of guests we anticipate serving and the historical popularity of a particular fresh fish species and recipe.


More often than not we guess pretty close, and sell out (as planned) sometime late Saturday or early Sunday evening. Yet occasionally we don't even make it through Friday...which is why we always suggest you call ahead to reserve if you have your heart set on a particular UN-Fry but can't make it in until later in the weekend.


But this weekend we were flummoxed!


Here we are, rapidly closing in on the traditional peak of the summer vacation season, and business at the restaurant was unexpectedly slower than anticipated. We heard similar reports from some of our nearby restaurant colleagues. Who'd have thunk it?


Bottom line? By the time we closed Sunday evening we hadn't sold all of our ahi tuna...traditionally one of the most popular of the Rookery's rotating fresh fish species. But our miscalculation is your gain.


Fortunately ahi tuna keeps better than most fish when properly handled. But we're still not gonna try to carry it all the way to next weekend. Instead, we're offering a special early week edition of our Fresh Fish UN-Fry at the amazing price of just $20 (normally $32). Plus if you come tonight (Marvelous Monday) you'll receive an additional 10% off not only ahi, but your entire bill.


Don't expect this special to continue beyond Wednesday. It expires when we finally sell out OR when Chef Mike makes the call. The call that it's time to send any remaining ahi home with Bill and Callie...the only guinea pigs the Rookery is willing to experiment on. 


Fresh ahi tuna pan seared (to rare or medium rare) with a ginger rice cake and asparagus shiitake salad and finished with a spicy chili aioli sauce. Beginning Monday at the special price of $20 until it sells out (call ahead to reserve). Only at the Rookery! 


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