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This Week's Fresh Fish UN-Fry

New Zealand Opah


with Israeli couscous, grilled tomato & crispy bacon (optional)

in a light pesto reduction



Beginning FRIDAY this week thru the weekend...or until it sells out (call ahead to reserve)


Yazmin & Beat Zero


Our Fish Missed the Flight


Can you believe it? Apparently somebody over in New Zealand isn't familiar with the Rookery and our Fresh Fish UN-Fry. Or just doesn't care. Because the fish we ordered this week didn't make it to the plane in time for our normal Thursday delivery. But not to worry. It's now scheduled to arrive just in time for the weekend.


And what great fish it is. Opah. Also known as moonfish. Although it's coming this week from New Zealand we typically get our fresh opah from Hawaii, where it's one the most popular species served in local restaurants. Its meat is rich and moist, firm yet tender. There aren't many places in the Midwest where you're gonna find fresh opah. Which is why the Rookery has developed quite a following for this unique fish among those in the know.


Fresh New Zealand opah, with Israeli couscous, grilled tomato, and crispy bacon (optional) in a light pesto reduction. Beginning Friday this weekend until it sells out. Only at the Rookery. Call ahead to reserve!



Beat Zero at the Rookery this Sunday

Featuring Yazmín w/ Bruce Bowers


Last summer she closed out the Rookery's inaugural outdoor music season. And this summer she opened it. That's how much we love having Washburn singer/songwriter Yazmín perform on the Rookery stage.


A highly skilled keyboard player with a voice and musical style that I find reminiscent of Jewel, Yazmín grew up in a highly musical family that has been associated with Bayfield's Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua since before she was born.


She's certainly come a long way since she first performed on the Big Top stage herself at the tender age of three, when she sang a song she'd written with her mother as part of the opening act for Arlo Guthrie. Two summers ago Yazmín won first place at the Chautauqua "Songwriter of the Year Competition." And last summer she opened there for Nanci Griffith and for Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know live broadcast. 


Last fall Yazmín toured California with well known Big Top veteran guitar and fiddle player Bruce Bowers, in their band Beat Zero. This Sunday they'll team up once again on the Rookery stage. You won't want to miss it!


Yazmín, with special guest Bruce Bowers. Live. Outdoors. This Sunday. Only at the Rookery! 


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