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Australian Barramundi

pan seared with sautéed zucchini
and a chile tomato salad in saffron beurre blanc


Friday thru Monday or until it sells out. Call ahead to reserve.


 Favorite Fish Down Under


Australian barramundi is back at the Rookery for the first time since last September. Each time we've featured barramundi our guests have raved about the mild sweet taste of this firm white fish...complemented as always by Chef Mike's delicious preparation.


Barramundi is among the most popular fish served in Australian restaurants, kind of like walleye here in northern Wisconsin. Like walleye, barramundi belong to the perch family of fishes. They are native to the tropical waters of northern Australia, Southeast Asia and southern China. Large predators, barramundi can grow up to 120 pounds, feeding mainly on smaller fish and crustaceans. Sometimes called giant perch or silver jack, barramundi also are considered one of the most prized sport fish in Australia.


The barramundi featured at the Rookery are farm raised in Australia specifically for premium eating qualities, with firm white flesh, a mild flavor, and low oil content, yet high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Come discover for yourself why Australians are so high on this tasty member of the perch family. 


Fresh Australian Barramundi, pan seared with sautéed zucchini and a chile tomato salad in saffron beurre blanc. Friday thru Sunday, or until it sells out (call ahead to reserve). Only at the Rookery! 

Don't Forget Your Salad! 

As announced last week, the Rookery will once again this summer be offering our guests a convenient and very affordable way to do what your mom always told you to do: 
"Eat your veggies!"


And these aren't just any vegetables, but rather fresh organic produce from the same folks who supply the Rookery with much of the flavorful food you've come to love and expect.

And what a bargain it is! Only $390 for a half bushel box of fresh organic produce delivered to the Rookery
each week (for 22 weeks) to be picked up at your convenience. The contents of each box vary by season, but will usually contain salad greens and 6-8 other vegetables, cooking tips, recipes, and other useful information. It will be delivered to the Rookery (most likely on Thursdays) where we'll keep it refrigerated until you can retrieve it. 

This is the same great stuff we're so keen on serving at the restaurant that we currently drive nearly 3 hours RT every week to pick it up. Heck, that probably costs us more than $390 in gas alone over the course of the summer. (But shh...don't tell my dad. He's been doing most of the driving of late and is happy to be reimbursed with an occasional meal and martini.)

Another little secret I'll share is the only reason our friends at DragSmith Farms and Six Rivers Cooperative don't currently deliver to the Rookery is that we're the only restaurant in the Cable/Hayward area that purchases fresh organic produce from them. Yet every week they drive a full truckload of produce to the Twin Cities, where some of the finest restaurants are as enthusiastic about their product as we are.


Just a few months ago, in fact, I had occasion to dine at the relatively new Mill Valley Kitchen in St. Louis Park. I opted to try the ahi tuna, in part to see how it would stack up against the fresh ahi we often serve at the Rookery. It was quite good...though in all objectivity I truly believe it didn't rival Chef Mike's. :) But the one thing that really stood out to me was the garnish of micro greens. I couldn't resist asking my server. Sure enough, they came from DragSmith Farms, just like ours!


So there you have it. Now you too can enjoy some of the same great produce featured at the best restaurants in the Twin Cities...AND northwest Wisconsin!

But get your order in soon. The 22 week farm share program begins June 11 and continues through November 12. Or take advantage of a shorter term vacation package: $225 for 9 weeks of fresh veggies (July 2-August 27). 

Simply drop off your check at the Rookery (payable to DragSmith Farms) and we'll do the rest. Or you can mail it directly to DragSmith Farms, 1346 16-1/2 Ave, Barron, WI 54812 (in which case be sure to tell them you'll be picking up your farm share at the Rookery). Any questions? Call the Rookery or speak with someone directly at the farm (715-537-3307).

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