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Arctic Char

baked in a basil sauce with a cherry tomato and fried shallot salad,
tomato compote, and Israeli couscous 


Thursday thru Monday or until it sells out. Call ahead to reserve.


Arctic Char

Could It Really Be True?

So we were looking back through our newsletter archives to figure out when the Rookery last featured Arctic Char for our Fresh Fish UN-Fry. And it seems it was way back in October of 2009. Seriously? What's up with THAT?

Actually, I think the Rookery's staff archivist must have been asleep on the job. Or perhaps we skipped a newsletter or two. Because surely we wouldn't have made you wait THAT long to re-experience the mild distinctive flavor of this special fish.

Arctic Char (or Charr) is native to far northern streams and lakes of North America, Asia, Europe, Iceland and Greenland. The Latin name is Salvelinus Alpinus, which refers to the European Alps, low water temperature, ice and glaciers. Thousands of years ago, when the glacial ice receded from Iceland, the Arctic Char had already established itself in harmony with the harsh, cold and challenging conditions in Iceland. The fish had evolved a migratory pattern, alternating its habitat between fresh water on land and the salt water surrounding Iceland.

Char has long been an important food resource for Icelanders. However, only since the late 1980s has it been farmed commercially and exported to Europe and the USA to become a gourmet restaurant item in many large cities. Combining the delicious flavors of brook trout and salmon, Arctic Char is  considered a little secret -- shared by food lovers who are inspired by special tastes.

If you're interested in a healthy diet you'll also be happy to know the 5% to 15% fat content of Arctic Char is lower than most other salmonids, and almost 80% of the fat consists of healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Arctic Char also is rich in Omega 3 and in vitamins A, D, and B12.

Iceland is the biggest producer of Arctic Char in the world. The fish are farmed in land-based, closed systems, and thus there is only a minor risk associated with escapes of farmed fish to the wild. There also is a low risk of pollution and habitat effects, as closed systems have adequate wastewater treatment. As a result Seafood WATCH gives Arctic Char its highest "Best Choice" rating.

Fresh Arctic Char, baked in a basil sauce with a cherry tomato and fried shallot salad, tomato compote, and Israeli couscous. This week, Thursday thru Monday (or until it sells out). Only at the Rookery!

Murder Mystery Dinner 
Murder Mystery Dinner 

Looking for something fun and unique to do this winter? Round up a group of 8 friends and figure out who among them done it...over a fabulous four course dinner served in our private dining room.
The setting? A 1920s speakeasy in old Chicago. You and your dinner companions will assume the role of one of eight beguiling characters. We'll provide the script, the costume suggestions, and of course an amazing Rookery feast. All you need to bring is your sense of humor and a light-hearted approach toward deceit, larceny, sex, and murder.
Flexible dates available by reservation only, $69/person. 
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