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The staff at The Learning Space spent the summer months integrating thinking with experience in order to provide productive  

and generative learning forums for the Fall. 


Learning Theory   

Navigating Systems is a training program in Bowen family systems theory for experienced family enterprise professionals. A number of first-year participants are continuing in the upcoming program, which begins in October.


Living Theory
Emergence of Self, based on the principle that Bowen theory is more than an academic experience or a technique, is a vehicle for those of us who take seriously the integration of the ideas of Bowen theory in our personal lives and in what we do professionally. Monthly meetings begin October 25. 


Impact of Breath 

There is more or less emotional reactivity in one's important relationships. A byproduct of the stress response can be to hold the breath or breathe rapidly. The ability to balance one's breathing can quite literally cool the brain down and promote clarity of thought and response. The next Breathing Meditation workshop is October 13.


Coming Up
The team is developing a learning forum designed to spark dialogue on how Bowen theory contributes thinking to the impact of emotional systems on optimal learning and education.

 Glennon, Priscilla, Donna, Kathy & Regina 

Thinking On the Page

Glennon Gordon reflects on affairs.

Andrea Schara on what it takes to be a self in a system.
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Thinking On the Page
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