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September 2011 marked the beginning of the beta program Navigating Systems. This forum is designed for professionals associated with family enterprises - consultants, lawyers, family businesses - to learn and apply the ideas about being a self in your professional life.  


We use the term beta as the program explores the use of neurofeedback as central to integrating the ideas of Bowen theory and explores active online learning.

Organized with two bookend onsite weekends, participation includes monthly content-oriented online discussions and monthly individual and collective online conversations.

As this first program comes to a close, we have three observations
  • Neurofeedback is important to the process of taking content ideas and integrating / connecting them to patterns in your own life
  • Learning over the Internet is more effective in smaller groups over periods of  time
  • Learning takes time and it is still a question of how long, however, it requires personal exchange about the ideas over time.
Breathing Meditation


Regulating the breath, one of the most basic functions of life, provides an opportunity to interrupt our automatic reactivity to life's circumstances.   



Thinking on the Page 

Andrea Schara on the family's adjustment to death.      


Kathy Wiseman and colleague Hartley Goldstone on using Bowen theory to inform the legal structure for selecting Trustees.
Thinking Out Loud 

Tune into Kathy Wiseman & Dan Papero as they discuss concerns in the workplace. Among the topics discussed are joining and leaving a workplace, getting recognized for your work, leading without being bossy. A 13-part series televised by University of the District of Columbia. 
Check your local listings.


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