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As we look back over the last 12 months, a series of professional relationships created professional opportunities to vigorously investigate the intersection of Bowen theory and Neurofeedback and the role Neurofeedback plays in efforts to become more effective in one's relationships.   

  • The Resiliency in the Family & the Brain meeting stimulated a lot of interest and thought provoking questions. The dialogue stimulated ideas about systems of the family and the brain and raised as many questions as it answered.
  • Navigating Systems, a 7-month Bowen theory learning program for individuals who work with and/or consult to Family and non-Family Business Enterprises. Central to the learning process is neurofeedback training.
  • The creation of individual research projects to ask the important questions and clarify data about the impact of neurofeedback on the individual and the family in efforts to expand our thinking and raise additional questions.  


These are the ideas we bring into the New Year. 


Wishing you the very best the holiday season has to offer, 


 Glennon, Priscilla, Donna, Kathy, & Regina  



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