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With more than 70 participants, Resiliency in the Family & the Brain was a thought-provoking, inspiring experience. The feedback was clear about wanting the dialogue to continue. Plans are already in works!


Navigating Systems, our newest offering, is a 6-month learning program in which participants develop a dynamic knowledge of Bowen family systems theory and how that is integrating into their own lives and into their work with family & non-family business enterprises. Family enterprise professionals include, consultants, lawyers, accountants, family officers and philanthropy directors. Central to the learning process is neurofeedback. 



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Coming (VERY) Soon

Resiliency in the Family & the Brain
DVD will soon be available for purchase.
Details forthcoming.  

Breathing Meditation Workshop


Regulating the breath, one of the most basic functions of life, provides an opportunity to interrupt our automatic reactivity to life's circumstances.

Uniquely designed to enhance your ongoing effort at self-regulation, the day integrates the science of breath and the ideas of Bowen family systems theory into everyday life. Dec 3.  Registration details.


 Emergence of Self

This monthly forum deepens our thinking about the impact of relationships on functioning. It is an opportunity for long-term students of Bowen Theory to define their personal effort as a self. Nov 17, Dec 15.



Gathering Systems Knowledge  

I think it's important to understand how our knowledge of human behavior has been erected stone by stone, life by life. The third point on The Mindful Compass, acquiring systems knowledge, makes us less vulnerable to life's challenges. It is one fabulous way to steady one's self against the disinformation (gossip and bias) and the emotionality we see and hear everywhere.

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Resilience in the Family - Resilience in the Brain 

In my work with individuals and families, people will often report a lack of contact with important but difficult members of their family. They will say, 'that person is really difficult, dysfunctional, mean, toxic, damaging, hurtful or simply annoying" as though this is an acceptable and sufficient reason to "not have a relationship."  Read more...


On Resiliency 

Human beings are relationship-oriented beings and being without relationships would be the equivalent to having no gravity...we would float aimlessly never landing but always moving. Our systems are programmed to survive, and any threat to our survival sends SOS signals from one part of the brain to another and from our brains to our bodies. Read more... 

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