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There are myriad factors at play in one's life and the challenges that are experienced. Capturing the richness and complexity of this interplay is the idea behind the design of The Family Relationship Assessment. The assessment is used in consultations and as an ongoing tool to guide learning and in assessing your efforts.



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Introduction to Neurofeedback  


Neurofeedback (or EEG biofeedback) is a process by which the brain learns more efficient patterns, allowing individuals to function more optimally. It is a non-invasive way to address a multitude of symptoms and teaches the brain to better self-regulate at the level of the central nervous system.  


Learn how the training can help to create strength and flexibility in dealing with problems, the roles of right & left hemispheres in functioning, and how family systems coaching is incorporated into the training sessions.  


Bring your questions and enjoy a demonstration of neurofeedback technology.  FREE. May 26. June 21. Registration Required. 

Breathing Meditation Workshop

Regulating the breath, one of the most basic functions of life, provides an opportunity to interrupt our automatic reactivity to
life's circumstances.

Uniquely designed to enhance your ongoing effort at self- regulation, the day integrates the science of breath and the
ideas of Bowen family systems theory into everyday life.
July 9.  Registration details.



Kathy Wiseman Gives Credit Where Credit is Due

I like to give credit where credit is due. Shel Miller gets credit from me for an outstanding turn of a phrase. Shel is a PhD, who describes himself as a relationship builder. He ended up in a forwarded email, which led me to a blog he had written in 2005 about the fact that he was a "psychological event planner."


The idea is compelling. I have been thinking about this since reading about it. I had never realized the need for this job description before. But, being a student of Bowen Theory and knowing the importance and significance of life events (births, deaths, birthdays, graduations, sporting events, weddings, showers) for the family system, I was intrigued by the idea and took it a bit further.  Read more 


Priscilla Friesen on Theory & the Emergence of Self 

Theory and the Emergence of Self is held monthly. It is a time to deepen one's thinking about the impact of relationships on functioning and to consider how working with Bowen Theory has affected one's personal life. Two individuals present each session. April's presentations posed thoughtful questions about overfunctioning-underfunctioning reciprocity and chronic anxiety and aging and dying. Read More 


Andrea Schara on Follow the Leader and/or Think for Self 

Relationships are at the center of our existence. We take clues from one another and at the extremes we can either be held hostage or inspired by one other.


We influence each other in families and in society, giving birth to patterns in relationships systems whose influence reaches beyond one or two generations.


Much of the time we can afford to be blind to the ongoing influences in these social emotional systems. Our automatic programming seems to suffice, especially when life is good and comfort dominates. There is little need for awareness or the risk inherent in change. When life is difficult, confusion and uncertainty forces us to understand difficult or even profound problems in order to adapt well to these challenges. Read More 

Emergence of Self 

This monthly forum deepens our thinking about the impact of relationships on functioning. It is an opportunity for long-term students of Bowen Theory to define their personal effort as a self. May 26. June 30

We'll be back in August with our Fall Programming. Happy Summer.     


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