January / February 2011

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We are energized to face the new year. The Learning Space is expanding its presence on the web and in the community.

In addition to written blogs "Thinking on the Page," our website will soon feature videos. "Thinking Out Loud" will be introduced through a series of videos in which Priscilla Friesen discusses the ideas that went into founding The Learning Space, the difference between a "space" and a "center" and why that is an important distinction, and much more.

Andrea Schara continues to introduce the business world to Neurofeedback for Business Leadership, an innovative program for human organizations with the goal of enhancing executive performance by introducing both systems thinking and neurofeedback training.


We wish you a productive and creative New Year and invite you to expand along with us.

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Mortgages, bills, young kids, work and family often take precedence over nurturing our most important relationship. The busier life gets, the more necessary it becomes that the relationship with your spouse is solid.

While enjoying wine and dessert, gain a fresh perspective on your marriage and learn where and how taking responsibility can make life and marriage much more interesting!   Registration details.

A Thinking Guide to Divorce:
Navigating the Tightrope

You find yourself in a place where you never thought you would be. How do you navigate through the many emotional and administrative challenges of this family disruption -- from talking with children about it, dividing time with children, property, friends to relationships with in-laws through moving beyond blame to managing the relationship in the long-term.  Registration details.
Breathing Meditation Workshop
Regulating the breath, one of the most basic functions of life, provides an opportunity to interrupt our automatic reactivity to life's circumstances.

Uniquely designed to enhance your ongoing effort at self-regulation, the day integrates the science of breath and the ideas of Bowen family systems theory into everyday life. Registration details.


Trust In Families: Another View

I have been working with families for the past 25 years, but I am only now beginning to see the connection between trust within a family and the fundamental development of self within that family. I have come to see that trust is a major indicator of the ability of each individual to be a "self" in that family-to take responsibility for self, see the part one plays in any situation, endure discomfort in the face of differences and, above all, strive to remain connected. ... Read more....

The Ultimate Family Team Building
Elaine, my first cousin, and I traveled to the desert 3 years ago. The desert is Palm Springs and it is the home of our mothers' brother, then age 87. Uncle T had summoned the two of us to his marble walled, marble floor home to talk about three of his concerns: his concerns at the end of his life, where we could find his valuables once he was gone, and the details of his complicated funeral ... Read more...
Emergence of Self 
This monthly forum deepens our thinking about the impact of relationships on functioning. It is an opportunity for long-term students of Bowen Theory to define their personal effort as a self. 
Society in Trouble
Society in Trouble is an opportunity to study emotional process in society using video presentations and discussion that help address relevant issues. March 6: The Impact on Societal Process on Family Process. April 10: Creative Action in Society. Find out what others have said about the seminars.  Registration details.
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