September / October 2010

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Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter outlining our inspired interests rooted in Bowen Theory. There are many opportunities to learn and grow with us. Take your pick and watch your thinking evolve!

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"Take the Day Off of Easy" Challenge    
What would happen if you took the One Day Challenge to increase your awareness, do things differently, take a day off of easy? Make no mistake, sometimes easy is better and the right choice. The point is to think about what has become autopilot and therefore easy, and to take yourself off autopilot and connect more thought with action...
A Little Less Whine with that Marriage?
Join marriage & family consultant, Glennon Gordon, LICSW, for an evening of fun to shift from whining about your kids, your marriage, your life to enjoying it. Learn how to talk about the big stuff .... parenting, your sex life, finances and more.
Emergence of Self 
This monthly forum deepens our thinking about the impact of relationships on functioning. It is an opportunity for long-term students of Bowen Theory to define their personal effort as a self. 
The Art of Keeping Marriage Healthy
Like any system in operation, marriage requires maintenance and attention. Our fast-paced lives often create patterns of relating to each other that, over time, become more harmful than helpful. Observing these patterns and creating a more thoughtful way of communicating can strengthen any marriage.
Society in Trouble
This four-seminar series provides an opportunity to develop study and thinking in regard to emotional process in society. A view from natural systems study and Bowen theory address issues, such as density, disorder, and violence, the impact of societal process on family process, and creative action in society.
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Society in Trouble
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Upcoming Programs

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