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October 4, 2012



 "The vast majority of people are born, grow up, 

struggle, and go through life in misery and failure,
not realizing that it would be just as easy to switch over and get exactly what they want out of life,
not recognizing that the mind attracts
the thing it dwells upon."  

Napoleon Hill

Author of Think and Grow Rich 


Napoleon Hill  


The Law of Attraction is an ancient concept that's often misunderstood in our modern world. Let me simplify it.


Watch Your Energy

We are all vibrational energy beings and we vibrate at different levels at different times. Vibrations is just another word for feelings and emotions; it's our attitude. When we feel appreciated and are taking good care of ourselves, we will vibrate at a high, positive, constructive level. When we are burned out, stressed out, in fear, worried and feel unappreciated, we will vibrate at a low, negative, destructive level. Since energy attracts like energy, we will attract people and circumstances that are our vibrational match.


When it comes to ensuring our business success, it's essential that we maintain a high vibration--a positive attitude. So, how do you do that? Start with self care. Exercise, eat right, get enough sleep and take time to relax and recharge. Use humor in the workplace to defuse stress. Spend time with other positive, supportive successful people and, just as important, avoid the time-wasting, energy-draining negative people.


Ask For What You Want

Now that your vibrations are high, it's time to set your intention for success. First, ask for what you want. That may take the form of writing it down or actually sharing your request with your boss, coworkers or colleagues. Then, use universal principles to keep you positive, focused and productive. Use affirmations on your own and with others like, "I attract ideal clients" or "We have all the resources we need to complete this project on time and within budget."


Visualize the smooth progression and final outcome. Consider using a vision board to illustrate your success and the benefits it will bring. Engage all your senses and infuse it with the emotions you'd feel once your goal is achieved, like pride, peace and joy. Allow gratitude to propel you by taking time to celebrate and give thanks for the small successes along the way and the people who support you.


Photo Credit: Tricia Molloy


It All Begins with Your Thoughts

One of my favorite quotes from The Secret is, "Your mind is your garden. Your thoughts are your seeds. You can plant flowers or you can plant weeds." What you think, feel, say to yourself and others, and believe to be true creates your reality. By capitalizing on the Law of Attraction at work, you can create your reality by design and not default. To a bountiful garden!


Do you have examples or questions about this law? Share your comments on my Facebook Page or reply back to me. I love hearing from you!



To Your Wisdom, 



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"Since the webinar, we're delighted to hear how our people are putting these principles into practice--from clearing clutter and creating vision boards to using affirmations that support their success."
Jayne Kelly, VP of Customer Development


Hire a Speaker Who Inspires Success!
Tricia Molloy is a motivational speaker on change management and leadership through wise business practices.

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