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February 28, 2012




While most of us yearn for an extra hour in the day to help tackle our to-do list or an extra week of vacation to fully unwind before returning to reality, this gift of a "free" leap day every four years seems to come and go with no benefits.


Here's an idea! Set aside some time tomorrow to make a list of all your time wasters to see where you can reclaim an hour here or a day there. Better yet, pair up with someone at work or home to come up with more ideas and hold each other accountable.


Start with all your monthly obligations--from administrative duties and business networking events to household chores and paying bills. Consider what you can delegate to others, let technology handle, or eliminate altogether.


Then, look at the people you spend the most time with--professionally and personally. Are they energizing you and supporting your success or slowing you down with their fears and limiting beliefs? Consider releasing some of those toxic relationships to make room for more empowering ones.


Finally, take a look at the CRAVE formula for achieving goals, like clearing the distractions of physical, technical and emotional clutter, visualizing how you'll spend that extra time, and affirming success. For example, my favorite affirmation is, "I have more than enough time and energy to get the important things done today." Whenever I say it, I find it reduces my stress and makes it easier to prioritize my day.


May this leap year propel you to make conscious choices with your time. What one time waster will you eliminate?

Please take a moment to share your wisdom on my Facebook Page or reply back to me. I love hearing from you!


To Your Wisdom,


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Kathy Hill, Webinar Manager and Host
Women In Technology International (WITI)

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