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December 16, 2011



"What you think, feel, say to others and yourself,
and believe to be true creates your reality. 
Each day, you decide if you'll create your reality
by default or by design."

~Tricia Molloy~



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If you're reading this enewsletter, chances are good that you know how to CRAVE your goals. You may have participated in a Kimberly-Clark or IBM webinar or perhaps attended a business association meeting where I shared these five powerful steps.


As we reflect on 2011 and prepare for 2012, this is a good time for a CRAVE refresher. (If you need more of a refresher, download the "CRAVE Your Goals!" article or watch a few video clips.)


Each of these practical steps is designed to help you transform your hopeful resolutions into grateful reality.


1) Clean Out the Clutter. Since clutter distracts and confuses us and drains our energy, think of one area of clutter you won't take into the new year. It might be outdated files and paperwork (you know that drawer you've been meaning to empty), enewsletters you never read, unnecessary obligations, or toxic people who think it's their job to remind you of your "limitations."


2) Raise Your Vibrations. The holidays can be stressful. Begin today to take better care of yourself by getting enough sleep, eating healthy and staying active. When your vibrations are high and you have a positive attitude, you will naturally attract other people and resources that will support your success. You'll also start the new year strong and energized.


3) Affirm Success. Craft an empowering affirmation to support your top resolution. If you're planning to lose weight, it might be "I make healthy choices today." If you own your own business or are in sales, it might be "I attract ideal clients and referral sources." Or, if you're looking for a job, it might be "I have all the skills and experience to be a valuable asset to (insert the name of that ideal employer)."


4) Visualize. Create a vision board with pictures and words that bring to life what you want to manifest in 2012. It's a great way to program your Reticular Activating System. Invite your family and friends to make one, too.


5) Express Thanks. If Thanksgiving is the only time you count your blessings, you're missing out on a powerful tool. Start that gratitude journal and commit to write in it a few nights a week. You'll sleep more peacefully and wake up with enlightened ideas of how to attract more good things into your life.


What CRAVE step will you commit to in 2012? Share your wisdom on my Facebook Page or reply to me. I love hearing from you!



To Your Wisdom,


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