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A Tribute to Stuart Smalley
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What Can We Learn friom the 'Occupy' Movement?
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November 1, 2011



"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and,

doggone it, people like me."

~Stuart Smalley~





We owe a lot to Stuart Smalley, the earnest albeit misguided alter ego of satirist Al Franken from "Saturday Night Live." Smalley, who "was not a licensed therapist but was a member of several 12-step programs" introduced many of us to the concept of affirmations. And, then, he made it seem foolish.


Over the years, when I speak about the power of affirmations, people sometimes reference Stuart Smalley and immediately discount this wise practice. Is that how you feel? I hope this email I received the other day, shared with permission from the sender, changes your mind.


"Your talk really spoke to me and I left committed to apply at least a couple of your suggested techniques. I've never really used affirmations in my spiritual practice. I think SNL's Stuart Smalley had ruined for me what I am now discovering to be a very powerful technique. 


"My new boss recently restructured my business unit and I got a promotion. I was intimidated by my new role and this created significant anxiety that put me way off center and, frankly, I was not performing very well. I started feeling like a 'victim' and my fight-or-flight reflexes were kicking in. Then, very timely, I heard your 'CRAVE Your Goals' message. 


"This past week I traveled to Chicago to meet with my boss and many of the people that will now be reporting to me. I was nervous, to say the least.  Following your advice, I created four affirmations that I decided I would try out since I was struggling to release the anxiety by other means. The affirmations are:


  1. I Love this job!  (Your "I love to speak" affirmation inspired this for me...I've since realized it's the MOST important one!)
  2. I am an Inspiring and Creative Leader.
  3. I know the Right & Perfect solution to Every challenge I face.
  4. I have complete Confidence & Trust in my Ideas and Intelligence.


"I started saying these to myself, in that order, every morning. Honestly, I was surprised when on Day One I felt a strange centeredness upon mentally affirming these things.  So I started to say them to myself at any point in the day when I felt anxiety or negativity and they consistently offered relief.  By mid-week the affirmations were not only stress relievers, they became very empowering. As I write this now, I truly recognize the creative power of 'literally' affirming success.  In just a week, these four simple statements have shined the light away from the fear I was experiencing and onto competencies and creative joy that I can now see were being shadowed.            


"This is actually the first I've shared this with anyone.  Sometimes when sharing things like this (especially before I've allowed sufficient time to create a habit) they lose their power for me. I don't have that concern in this case as I am so happy to express my appreciation for you and what you've help me discover. I intend to continue this practice at work, as well as to develop new affirmations for other aspects of my life, ultimately creating a habitual thought process aligned with my affirmed success in all areas!" 


What are you telling yourself? Do you have an affirmation that supports your success? Please take a moment to share your wisdom by posting it on my Facebook Page. As an added incentive, I will select one person at random to receive downloadable, electronic copies of both my "Divine Wisdom at Work" book and audio book. The deadline is Friday by 5 pm (ET). I love hearing from you!



To Your Wisdom,


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What Can We Learn from the 'Occupy' Movement?

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It began in mid-September as people peacefully gathered in a park near New York City's Wall Street to protest government corruption and ineffectiveness, mass unemployment, the growing chasm of the haves and have nots, and the impunity of financial industry greed that triggered the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression...

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