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How's Your Kindsight?
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October 18, 2011



View Your Life with Kindsight.

Stop Beating Yourself Up
About Things from Your Past.

Instead of Slapping Your Forehead and Asking:

"What Was I Thinking?"

Breathe and Ask Yourself the Kinder Question:

"What Was I Learning?"

~Karen Salmansohn~


I saw this poignant message on Facebook last week and it caused me to pause and reflect. I hope it does the same for you.


While you may freely express compassion and acceptance of family, friends and coworkers, do you offer that same grace to yourself?  Success/Failure Sign


When we look at our life with "kindsight," we forgive our perceived mistakes or failures and appreciate the lessons that come with them. By doing so, we accelerate the process that leads to our success.


What in your life can you view with kindsight? Share your wisdom on my Facebook Page or reply back to me. I love hearing from you!



To Your Wisdom,


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Tricia MolloyTricia Molloy is a motivational speaker on change management through wise business practices.

Her Working with Wisdom programs, "CRAVE Your Goals!" and "DESIGN Your Ideal Life!," inspire people to be more positive and focused so they can achieve their goals faster and easier.
They are available as employee development talks, workshops and webinars, and conference keynotes. Organizations like Kimberly-Clark, IBM, The Home Depot and the Project Management Institute have benefited from these programs.   
Tricia also offers one-on-one Wisdom Mentoring for women entrepreneurs and business leaders.


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working with Wisdom Small Reflective SignMy website, that is! 

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