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What Clutter is in Your Way?
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September 29, 2011



"Three Rules of Work:

Out of clutter, find simplicity.

From discord, find harmony.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."
~Albert Einstein~


While "Clean Out the Clutter" is the fourth principle in Divine Wisdom at Work, it is almost always the first principle readers say they start with. Accomplishing that gives them the clarity and energy to do anything else. When I mentor someone, clutter cleaning is the first place we start. It's also the first step in my most popular Working with Wisdom program, "CRAVE Your Goals!"


Cluttered DeskWhen most people hear "clutter," they think of the physical clutter on our desks, in our drawers, in our closets and right there on our floors. That's always a good place to start.


However, I challenge you to go deeper and consider the other kinds of clutter in your life that also distract and confuse you, drain your energy and keep you from achieving what's most important. The universal law states, "The universe abhors a vacuum." By clearing out that space, you invite the universe to fill it with what serves your highest good.


Choose one from this list and, when you accomplish that, choose another. Be patient. That clutter didn't appear overnight. Before you know it, you'll be starting 2012 clean and clear and ready to embrace everything you desire and deserve.

  • Emotional Clutter. What regrets and resentments are you willing to release? Are feelings of unworthiness getting in the way? Is it time to forgive yourself or someone else and move on? Are some of the goals on your list really someone else's goals?Perhaps the wishes of a parent or spouse or even your own old goals that don't fit who you are now? No wonder you've never achieved them. If your list is cluttered with "should" goals, it's time to revise or retire them.
  • Technical Clutter. How many e-newsletters and daily email reminders do you subscribe to? Five, fifteen, fifty? And how many do you read or perhaps stopped reading because they got caught up in all that clutter? Unsubscribe to the rest and you'll already begin to feel lighter.
  • Commitment Clutter. Make a list of all the business and social groups you're involved with and rank them on a scale of one to ten in terms of your satisfaction. How well does each group support your goals, whether that goal is making valuable contacts that turn into clients or enjoying the company and conversation of like-minded people? Is it worth the time, money and energy to maintain your membership? Consider dropping out of any group that scores less than a seven.
  • News Clutter. The news media relies on fear and lack for its survival. Bad news sells and it can also debilitate us. While we can feel for the victims of murderers, diseases and natural disasters, is it in our best interests to watch and read all about it? If you tend to fall asleep with the evening TV news, that's a good place to cut back. As you continue your news diet, fill that time by reading inspirational books and magazines. Seek out good news on YouTube or the final "kicker" story on the national evening news. One of my favorite feel-good shows is "CBS Sunday Morning." Each time you find yourself confronted with news, whether it's the "if it bleeds, it leads" TV news or the gossip at the water cooler, ask yourself, "Does this serve me?" If the answer is no, walk away.

How are you winning the war on clutter? Share your wisdom on my Facebook Page or reply back to me. I love hearing from you!



To Your Wisdom,


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"Tricia's 'CRAVE Your Goals!' webinar in September had the highest attendance of all our offerings this year. Participants left truly inspired and committed to goals in both their professional and personal lives. She did an excellent job delivering her material. The presentation was fun, motivating and interactive.  We will definitely have her back to work with us again next year!"

Kathy Hill, Webinar Manager and Host
Women in Technology International

Hire a Speaker Who Inspires Success!
Tricia MolloyTricia Molloy is a motivational speaker on change management through wise business pracCRAVE logotices.

Her Working with Wisdom programs, "CRAVE Your Goals!" and "DESIGN Your Ideal Life!," inspire people to be more positive and focused so they can achieve their goals faster and easier.
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